The kitchen faucet is one of the necessary building materials in the home. If we use inferior kitchen faucets, it will seriously affect our health and cause great trouble to our lives, so we must be careful in choosing kitchen faucets.

1. When you find that there is a distance between the corner valve and the kitchen faucets inlet pipe, you must buy a special extension pipe to connect, do not use other water pipes to connect, because if the water pressure is large, it is easy to fall off, leakage, causing huge losses. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, the part can be cut off according to your needs, and if the angle is not suitable, it can be appropriately bent to the position you need. Do not bend to 90 °or greater than 90 °.

2. Before installing the constant temperature faucet, please check whether the water pipe is hot on the left and cold on the right, and do not connect the cold water and hot water pipes wrong, lest the faucet cannot work properly. Gas and solar water heaters can not use constant temperature faucets because the water pressure is too low. Install constant temperature faucet, please don't forget to install a hot and cold water filter.


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