Leading the trend of bathing

Rbrohant Design Make Our Life Better

Nowadays, the quality of our life is keeping developing, and we believe that bathroom is no longer just a space to solve our physical needs and personal hygiene. We start paying more attention to the design of the bathroom, so advanced technology is applied to bathroom design, and gradually, the bathroom has its unique culture. From economical-practical usage to elegant design, the detailed reflectional items of the bathroom, such as faucets, shower systems, and basins, deliver our longing for a high-quality life

What Makes Rbrohant Company

Established in 1999, as a professional bathroom-products manufacturer, Rbrohant company is committed to providing personalized products for our customers. We firmly believe that hygiene, comfort, and aesthetics are the key points to the current fashion of bathroom-product design. The company name, Rbrohant, comes from a German hygienist’s last name, who once argued that people who are passionate about bathing culture usually live longer and healthier than those who are not. This idea encourages Rbrohant to adhered to the faith in designing healthy and comfortable products. By virtue of the outstanding craft and advanced technology, our products provide unusually high-quality and unparalleled designs to our customers and potentially represent the ceiling of bathroom-products in the world.

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