The Internet is currently experiencing a wave of minimalism. You can find blogs, articles, and book reviews that specifically describe this style. It was once a style of art, music and literature - today, for many people, it is a philosophy of life and a way to arrange the space around you to achieve harmony with the surrounding environment, rather than overwhelming objects with a large number of seemingly useful things This really great trend, like every trend, aims to optimize life comfort, but it is not always fully explored in interior design.

In fact, as Sasaki Wenxiong, the main thinker of life minimalism, explained in his book Farewell to Excess, minimalism means focusing on the objects that are really important to us. Only when we get rid of excess and narrow the scope can we reach the people who are really important. The true fans of the minimalist movement added that the ideal number of people to limit themselves to is 100... In most cases, this is impossible! However, in order to achieve this harmony, it exists in an orderly environment without clutter and should be planned accordingly.

The minimalist interior design will be a good answer. It can not only meet the life needs of minimalists, but also meet all those who like spacious, clean spaces for people - not those who have to serve because of constant needs. Tidy and clean them.

Simple furniture

When decorating your apartment in a minimalist style, you should start with furniture, which will help define the characteristics of other elements of the project, such as the type of floor or the color of walls. Minimalist furniture is a kind of furniture with simple and sober form. It has no external handles and is made of materials with uniform and smooth surfaces. The choices here are really big, starting from matt and laminated furniture panels, to polished and impregnated logs, to metal elements. The characteristic of minimalist furniture is that no additional elements and details will disturb the harmony of these pure forms.

Plain colour

Simple style furniture and rooms have no noticeable color. Soft colors, soft colors and pure colors complement the minimalist style. In most cases, the interior with this feature is a combination of beige tones and white or grey tones - from very light to graphite. In the minimalist interior decoration, there is no strong color, such as red, turquoise, and interestingly... they do not appear in household accessories.

Additional Items

Minimalism is also an escape from too many accessories. All kinds of appliances, such as dishwashers, are hidden in the cupboard. You will also be looking for superfluous decorations here in vain - decorative pillows, plaids, vases, candles or gallery style knickknacks with family photos. If decorative elements do appear, some of them are for functional reasons (flowerpots, tool holders), then they will also maintain simple colors, simple shapes, and are mainly made of materials to achieve purity - metals and baked enamel ceramics

Bathroom and kitchen

Although it is easy to become a problem to get rid of many decorative elements in the living room and bedroom in order to maintain a pure minimalist form, the layout of bathrooms and kitchens all like minimalism! In addition to the daily items (bath cosmetics, etc.) that can be successfully stored in the cabinet, you really do not need any special efforts to obtain a clean and harmonious room.

However, in these spaces, special attention should be paid to sanitary elements, such as sink faucets, or in the case of bathrooms, shower systems, and they should be selected to complement the simplicity of the space.

The minimalist style can be said to be the only style that never goes out of style and will not lose followers. Why? Because in today's fast-paced era, the space we return to should give people the impression of harmony and relaxation, so that we can save our daily work. Because of the economy of shape, decoration, furniture accessories and accessories, they attract dust like magnets, so the internal purity of minimalist style decoration is very easy to maintain. So... why not start to reduce the pressure on the surrounding environment, but pay more attention to your comfort, instead of trying to dress up every day?

minimalist bathroom

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