How to Choose the Best Handheld Shower Head?

Although the handheld shower head is small and inconspicuous at first glance, it is a very important element in the bathroom equipment. We often use them, so it's worth studying them carefully, especially because we don't always naturally like the handheld shower we buy with the shower set. Fortunately, the handheld shower is a relatively cheap part of the bathroom faucet, so we can replace the model we don't like very much. Despite the appearance, the handheld shower still has many advantages.

As we mentioned at the beginning, you can easily replace the handheld shower on any shower kit or shower column kit. Sometimes we like a series of accessories, but we want to replace individual elements with more practical ones. Handheld shower is the simplest for us, because most models on the market have standard thread size, which means they can be connected to almost any shower hose.

If we don't like their shapes or the types of sprinklers available, we can choose the models with matching colors from completely different series. We also don't have to stick to a particular shape - because we decide for ourselves whether we should use a square handheld shower head. Even combined with a round handheld shower head.
Square Handheld Shower Head

Why do I need a handheld shower head?

Although we most often associate a handheld shower with a shower, you should also consider connecting it to a bathroom equipped with a bathtub. Almost all types of bathtub faucets allow connection to the shower kit. The sprinkler hose is connected to the bottom of the accessories, and the handheld sprinkler is connected to the sprinkler hose. When it is used in combination with the bathtub faucet, we have a variety of options. Depending on the available space and your personal preferences and habits, you can choose a wall bracket group, a shower pole group or even a shower column.

Although the latter looks less spectacular, it is actually the most practical. It is very popular to combine the bathtub faucet with the shower column in the bathroom. A special folding screen is installed on the bathtub to protect the floor from splashing. Thanks to this combination, you can take a quick shower and enjoy a long relaxing bath if you want.

Basically, each bathroom needs a smaller package - shower bar and wall bracket package. It is possible to wash your hair comfortably, fill a bucket with water, or flush a newly cleaned bathtub or sink, or even a toilet.

The new handheld shower also offers additional interior design options. You can choose them to match the faucets installed in the bathroom, or you can choose a contrasting combination of colors and shapes. For example, the golden handheld shower with a black shower column can effectively give the bathroom a special personality.

No matter what combination you choose for the bathroom, the handheld shower will always play a key role in it. Therefore, it definitely deserves more attention.
Round Handheld Shower Head
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