Until recently, people could only dream of freestanding bathtubs. Few people thought of this shape of the bathtub. It is quite unattainable and not very practical. The most important thing is that it is usually too big for a small bathroom. In addition, because of the unsightly visible siphon part, the old freestanding bathtub has been replaced by the embedded bathtub.

These solutions are now making a comeback, and freestanding bathtubs have become synonymous with luxury. More and more bathtubs similar to those used in ancient times are found in bathrooms. According to sources, the first such bathtub appeared in a palace on Crete in the 16th century. Stone bathtubs in the century BC were attractive because of their shape and decoration. Only the elite could afford such a bath, which was totally out of reach for the society with low social status at that time.

Now back to us, what changes have taken place? Who doesn't dream of relaxing in the bathtub for a long time? Thanks to our tired and stressed bodies, we can finally relax. This relaxation is a kind of therapy for the body and soul. This bathing ceremony is usually accompanied by candles, aromatic oil, and sometimes a good book and a glass of wine. For us, this is a ceremony we don't want to miss. It should also be remembered that the choice of bathtub requires the purchase of bathtub faucets. Rbrohant made suggestions in the form of floor mounted bathtub accessories. Tub fillers series, where you can find freestanding bathtub faucet models. For classic lovers, there is eternal brushed gold. For dark color lovers who want to bring a modern feeling to the bathroom, we recommend using brushed nickel or black version.

The 115cm high freestanding bathtub faucet can be easily combined with freestanding bathtubs from different manufacturers. The faucet with simple shape can quickly fill the bathtub without splashing. The shower head connected to the faucet will ensure the maximum flexibility of children in washing, washing and bathing. The easy to use control lever can precisely control the temperature and water flow, and guide the water from the faucet to the hand-held shower. All assembly equipment is included in the kit: the brass bracket base and expansion screws used to secure the fixture to the floor ensure stability and safe installation. The interesting and slim design of the faucet will undoubtedly make your bathroom or bath space more attractive. In order to build such a system, you need a little more space. It is believed that the bathroom should have at least 10 square meters of free space, so that such a bathtub can be placed in the room without any problem and can be well presented in the room (you should not even want to put the bathtub in the bathroom corner of such a small apartment building, which looks really weird). A big advantage is that the bathtub and bathtub faucet can be assembled anywhere in the bathroom, even in the middle. This is due to the fact that the sewage pipe is not installed on the wall of the room, but on the floor. Such a solution will certainly make our bathroom more attractive, and let us temporarily forget everything around us when taking a bath.

freestanding bathtub faucet

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