Is your shower head not working as it used to? Has it lost its shine? Over time, your shower head may look a little worn or lose water pressure because dirt or limescale has built up in the nozzles.

You often only notice that the shower head has to be cleaned when the water pressure suddenly drops or the spray pattern becomes irregular. Limescale deposits inevitably form over time, especially in regions with hard water. This can lead to clogged jets, which can affect both the shine and water flow of your hand shower.

1. Choose the right cleaning agent.

Aggressive cleaning agents such as bleach or harsh chemicals are not necessary. They can even damage the surface of your faucets.

There are many healthier, more sustainable, and more effective ways to keep your shower head looking good and performing at its best over the long term. Usually, a mixture of vinegar and water or mild cleaning agents (pH 6-9) is enough to kill germs. This also protects the surface of your shower head.

2. Protect your surfaces with the right cleaning technology.

If you apply the cleaner directly to the surface, the cleaner can get inside the hand shower and cause long-term corrosion there. Instead, spray the cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe your shower head. Make sure to remove all detergent residue with plenty of warm water.

3. Thorough cleaning.

The agent of choice for a very thorough cleaning is vinegar. A 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water is one of the most effective cleaning solutions for a clean shower head. The acids can effectively dissolve limescale, minerals, and other debris that builds up over time. For the daily cleaning of chrome surfaces, however, neutral cleaning agents are the better choice. If possible, remove the shower head from the hose and soak it in a solution of white vinegar and water. Soak it for a few hours.

Is it Time to Invest in a New Shower Head? Think how old your shower head is. Has it been exchanged before?

The warm and humid environment in our bathrooms offers perfect conditions for corrosion over a long period of time. Our shower heads are not excluded from this either.

Sometimes it is actually necessary to buy a new shower head. Fortunately, upgrading your shower head is a simple, inexpensive solution that doesn't require a lot of time and effort. Here you can take a look around and find the right model for your shower.

Thorough cleaning can significantly improve the water flow of your shower head and thus your shower experience. In the long term, regular routine reduces the time and effort required for cleaning and extends the life of your shower head.

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