Do the bathroom shower faucets always have to shine in chrome? Not at all! The classic look is timeless and clean, no question about it, but for everyone who wants a bit of variety in their bathroom, we have an idea: a bathroom shower system and faucet in brushed gold. The elegant look is perhaps already known to some from hotels and upscale restaurants - now more and more suppliers are offering gold bathroom shower systems or faucets for their own walls.

For a long time, bathroom furnishings were limited to furniture, accessories, and lighting - often with a clear focus on functionality. Treating fittings like accessories was not common practice for a long time. All the better that now more and more manufacturers have expanded their range and, in addition to classic chrome, are now offering a wide range of color options and designs for bathroom fittings.

The often white tiles make bathrooms appear monotonous and uncomfortable. This impression can be broken up by colored or brushed gold products. Gold taps and fittings for the bathtub faucet and shower often give the room a completely new charm. An industrial look, as found in so many living concepts in 2021, can be completed in the bathroom.

In addition, brushed gold bathroom fittings are particularly easy to care for: small stains are less noticeable on the dark material. In every other respect, cleaning and care are no different from classic chrome fittings: a little bit of vinegar can work wonders.

Many suppliers now have a wide range of colors in their range and also carry gold or brushed gold fittings for shower, bathtub and washbasin. Among them is the Dutch interior design expert Mastello. Mastello has already made a name for itself in the Netherlands, as the brand is not only known for its innovative use of materials and exceptional products but is also the only supplier in Europe to supply Rbrohant branded products. In their online shop, Mastello has specialized in high-quality, brushed gold fittings for the kitchen and bathroom.

Brushed gold bathroom faucets seem like more than just a passing trend. The classic, high-contrast look offers a wide range of possible uses and also works if only small new accents are to be added to an existing bathroom. The combination of gold and white, which is already very present in many bathrooms, is particularly successful here. The brushed gold shower systems are particularly eye-catching: the material mix of gold contrasts with the smooth material of the bath and breaks with the traditional chrome look.

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