If you are planning on working with a designer or contractor to do a bathroom renovation, you may be asking which shower system you want? Our standard shower set contains two main components: the shower arm and the control panel with a button or lever. We also offer different options including a hand shower and/or bath mixer. When you buy a shower set, you will notice the difference in price and functionality between the two main types: thermostatic and pressure balanced.

Pressure balanced rain shower system

With the help of a pressure equalization valve, you can use a joystick for on / off functions and only control the water temperature and not the amount of water. After opening the valve, the valve will remain open. You can't reduce the amount of water that comes out, but you can always use an adjustable shower head to change the pressure.

As standard, our pressure-balanced shower set allows you to control the water flow and temperature with a single button. These devices achieve pressure equalization through an internal sliding plate that responds to changes in water pressure and regulates the flow of hot and cold water to maintain a set temperature.

Pressure Palanced Black Tub and Shower Faucet

Thermostatic shower system

The thermostat system usually has two levers or controllers. One lever regulates the water temperature (thermostatic valve) and the second lever regulates the amount of water and the on/off function (volume control valve). The system allows you to set the temperature once and for all, so you can adjust it to your liking every time you shower. This valve is more complex than the pressure equalization valve and therefore more expensive.

The thermostatic shower set offers a luxurious shower experience with the best water temperature, water flow, and energy-saving effect. The main difference is that the thermostatic valve can sense and control the actual water temperature, while the pressure-equalizing valve can only sense and control the ratio of hot water to cold water. The thermostat has two handles: one is used to control the water flow and the other to adjust the water temperature. After setting the ideal temperature, the water will reach your preferred setting every time you turn on the shower.

2-Function Thermostatic Shower System

The thermostat and pressure compensation kits are made with the valve kit for the highest water temperature to avoid burns. When showering, flushing the toilet, or starting the washing machine does not affect the water temperature.

Our design team usually recommends the use of a pressure-balanced shower system in the children's and visitor bathrooms and a thermostatic shower system in the main bathroom.

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