What Do You Need for a Comfortable Night in the Bathtub?

A relaxing bath can be a wonderful way to unwind and de-stress after a long day. But what if you take your bath game to the next level? Picture this: a comfortable night in the bathtub, complete with a soothing ambiance and everything you need for a truly indulgent experience. In this blog, we'll explore the essential elements that can transform your bathtub into a sanctuary of relaxation, ensuring you have the most comfortable night in your personal oasis.
Freestanding Bathtub Faucet
  • A high-quality bathtub faucet;
  • A good book;
  • A fragrant bath additive (ideally based on salt so that the skin does not wrinkle if you want to bathe the whole evening)
  • Something to drink (beer, sparkling wine, champagne, or ice water) (ideally with ice cubes)
  • A small snack (fruit, vegetable sticks, sweets ...)
  • Music above and underwater;
  • A great audiobook;
  • A great film that is thought-provoking and not too short or too long;
  • Watch the film on a tablet or laptop (if you are bathing alone) (matching Bluetooth speaker)
  • A small towel to dry your hands while bathing (e.g. to use the Ipad)
  • Care products such as nail scissors, razors, soap,
  • A massage sponge/back brush ... (ideally someone to scrub your back)
  • A bathrobe for after the bath;
  • An open window for fresh air ...
  • Sufficient hot water;
  • Every now and then a little new hot water;
  • The right lighting;
  • Prepared sofa to "chill" on after taking the bath;
  • to be continued...

A comfortable night in the bathtub is not just a dream; it's an achievable reality with the right elements in place. So, gather your bath pillow, candles, Epsom salt, bath bombs, waterproof speaker, favorite beverages, bath tray, soft towels, robe, and dimmable lighting, and immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience. Let your troubles melt away as you bask in the soothing warmth of your personal oasis. Your bathtub can become the most comfortable place for a night of self-care and tranquility.

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