A bathtub is relaxing and rejuvenating. So relaxing that one would prefer to bathe in the morning after getting up. When is the ideal time? Ideally, you bathe in the evening from 9 p.m. This ensures relaxation a restful sleep. Since you should rest for half an hour after the bath anyway, you will get to bed on time. Another advantage is that the sense of smell is more pronounced in the evening and that is how you can best perceive essential oils. In the evening, lavender or lemon balm are ideal here to enjoy a relaxing effect. Stimulating oils such as rosemary, juniper, or citrus are suitable during the day.

After dinner, you shouldn't jump straight into the tub, as your body is still busy digesting. If you want to get your circulation going, maybe you shouldn't bathe in the morning after getting up. Yes and …. if you find it particularly comfortable during a thunderstorm, you should make sure that the water pipes in the house are properly grounded, otherwise the timing is completely wrong ...

Some bathe immediately after getting up in the morning. Certainly very comfortable to wander from the cozy bed straight into the warm bathtub. However, you should take your time afterward and rest for half an hour after the bath to give the circulatory system a chance ... But then don't go back to sleep.

man taking a bath
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