You can do great things during a bath in the bathtub (whether alone or as a couple). Some people spend up to two hours straight in the tub, watching entire films. How often and how long is it still healthy to bathe? How often and for how long can I bathe?

It takes 10-20 minutes for the body to absorb the heat and active ingredients from your bath additive. However, if you stay in the tub for 2 hours afterwards, your body is harmed. If the bath lasts too long, it attacks the skin's natural protective film. So if you really want to bathe for a long time, you should definitely use oil baths and / or bath salts to protect your skin.

A bath that is too hot affects the circulation. (Immediately after the meal, the digestive body has an even harder time) If you still managed to walk safely over the slippery bathroom tiles after a 40 degree bath, you should rest and regenerate for at least half an hour. Dermatologists agree that more than 2 baths a week is not the best.


If you want to bathe for a long time, it is best to use bath salts, then the skin does not wrinkle because the skin is not softened. In order to protect the circulation, it is advisable to leave the window open while bathing. Yes and the frequency of a bath…. best to look out for a wellness alternative in winter. Bathing twice a week and maybe twice in the sauna?

Beautiful woman taking a bath
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