A bathtub with a shower is certainly practical and useful in apartments. Opinions differ when it comes to showering or bathing anyway ... What should you watch out for when buying such a combination?

Showering or bathing?

First of all, you should decide beforehand what you want and what your own habits are ... Anyone who takes a daily shower and puts the bathroom underwater because he is showering in the tub should get a proper shower right away. Anyone who sees a bathtub as a “place to wash” should perhaps also consider that a shower will make you cleaner. And if you want to take a shower in the bathtub ... yes, why actually? I actually only use the shower head to clean the tub….

What to watch out for when combining bathtub and shower in a bathtub with shower function:

You need a shower curtain that always hugs your leg in the morning
You will have to mount a shower curtain rod ... These are available as spring rods (no drilling necessary) in the hardware store
If you don't want to hurt yourself really badly at some point, you will probably have to get yourself an anti-slip mat for the bathtub
The shower hose should be long enough that you don't have to shower on your knees.
You shouldn't bathe and shower at the same time ... unless you want to bathe in your own dirt.

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