Thunder and lightning cause discomfort for many people, as this is where the strength of nature shows. This discomfort is also due to the fact that there are actually dangers associated with a thunderstorm. Again and again you can read about lightning strikes with high damage and fires. Of course, you also ask yourself very practical questions here, for example whether you can bathe during a thunderstorm? 

Can you bathe in a thunderstorm? Danger from bathing in the bathtub?

Basically, bathing in a bathtub or showering during a thunderstorm can actually be dangerous. Whether this exists depends on the technical equipment of a building. Precisely because of the water pipes that are made of metal, in the event of a lightning strike there can be a transmission and the risk of a lightning strike for people. An existing lightning protection does not automatically offer protection, also because a distinction has to be made here. The lightning protection on the roof and along the house wall provides protection for the building. However, this protection does not apply to pipes such as water pipes in a bathroom. Effective protection against lightning strikes is only guaranteed if there is also internal lightning protection. With this lightning protection, all electrical and water lines are grounded so that you can bathe safely even during a thunderstorm. If this internal lightning protection is not available, you should not bathe during a thunderstorm. If you are unsure whether the lightning protection is available or sufficient, you should ask your landlord or a specialist company.

Bathing outdoors during a thunderstorm.

In addition to bathing in the house in a bathtub or showering, the question naturally also arises, what about bathing in your own pool, in the swimming pool or at a lake? Basically, you shouldn't stay in the water during a thunderstorm. Just by protruding the head out of the water, this represents an elevation that offers a possibility of a lightning strike. Whereby this is only one possible danger. In addition to this, there is also the possibility that lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity. There is then also the risk of a lightning strike, as the water is a good conductor. Ultimately, you should therefore refrain from bathing in a thunderstorm and leave the water and look for a safe place.


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