As everyone knows, everyone knows about faucets. Every morning when we brush our teeth and wash our face, we come into contact with the bathroom faucet. When cleaning vegetables and dishes, we come into contact with the kitchen faucet. When decorating the kitchen or bathroom, we choose quality faucets because of pipe thread accuracy and acid salt spray with its water-saving performance. Testing, process, etc., how do you judge the quality of the faucet from the details? The Rbrohant faucet structure decoration was chosen to judge the quality of the faucet. Let's see what we have to look out for.

A quality faucet that you can watch for a variety of reasons. These components are part of the faucet, and each high-quality part is equipped with a faucet.

1. The faucet consists of the main body, valve core, handle, water filter nozzle, water outlet, and mounting hardware. Some faucets also have check valves, bubblers, mounting screws, solid copper plates, washers, bent feet, hoses, general rules, stopwatches, etc. Different faucets vary.

2. Thread of faucet pipe. The pipe thread is the pipe thread of the faucet that is connected to the water pipe connector. In general, the accuracy of the pipe thread not only affects the installation but also causes water leakage due to poor thread precision during use after installation, resulting in a loss for the user.

3. Single lever faucet:
As the name suggests, a single faucet has only one inlet pipe and only one pipe can be hot or cold. It is usually used in more general places such as outdoors, public toilets, etc., and the price is relatively cheap. The modern single handle faucet can also be an integrated faucet for hot and cold water, via two inlet pipes, one to control hot water and one to control cold water. The choice of water temperature can be controlled by turning the handle.

Double handle faucet:
The double faucet differs from the single faucet in that it has two water inlets (one cold and one hot), the water is controlled by two handles, and the water temperature can be adjusted using the control handle.

Double layer double control faucet, also known as a double-layer double handle faucet, is a double faucet. The hot and cold water lines have two inlet lines, each controlled by two handles. The water temperature can be controlled by adjusting the two handles during use. In some high-end hotels, toilets, etc., hot and cold water double faucets can be used.

4. The faucet valve core is divided into rubber valve core, wave roller valve core, ceramic valve core, and stainless steel ball valve core according to the material. Depending on the function, there are three types of manual, thermostatic, and magnetic induction coils. The cocks with rubber cores are mostly spiral fittings made of gray cast iron, which are generally not used. The ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core material with good sealing performance, stable physical properties, and long service life. Usually, 300,000 have to be switched on and off. Several times, after 30 calculations per day, it can be used for more than 20 years without dripping. Nowadays ceramic bobbin taps are basically sold in the market.

In fact, when we buy a faucet we must also consider the issue of adapting it to sanitary ware. The most important thing is that the model match, otherwise it will cause problems during installation. Even when it's barely loaded, it inevitably leaks. Therefore, even if the style of the faucet changes, there is a rule of agreement. If you're not in fashion or you use a ceramic basin, it's easier to find a faucet to match. This simple structure gives you a simple water space for your comfort.

In order to assess whether a faucet is of high quality, we must first take care of its manufacturing materials, as well as the material and manufacturing process of each component. These include the surface of the faucet, the valve core, the handle, the quality of the water pipe, etc. If you are concerned about buying a low-quality faucet, I recommend you choose a well-known brand. The Rbrohant brand faucet could be your choice. We not only promise high-quality products but also provide a complete service policy, after-sales service, product replacement warranty service.

2 Handle Basin Faucet Structural Parts

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