We know that the purpose of installing the faucet is to better control water consumption. On the one hand, it is convenient for us to save water. No matter what type of faucet, the purpose is to save water. So why are there water-saving faucets? What are the obvious advantages of this type of faucet compared to traditional faucets?

A faucet is a product that saves water by limiting the speed and volume of water. Compared to traditional faucets, water-saving faucets have the function of saving water as the name suggests. According to the relevant survey, when we wash our face with an ordinary tap, it takes about half a minute. The number reached about 6 kg. However, the actual water supporting the face is only one-sixth, meaning the total is approximately one kilogram. So it looks like we wasted about 5kg of water. However, if you use the water-saving faucet, wash your face the same way, assuming the total amount of water is only about a kilogram. Comparing the water-saving faucet with the regular faucet, we found that the water-saving faucet saves more water than the regular faucet.

Water-saving faucets offer the following advantages.

First, the basin water-saving faucet features a copper-plated head and copper adapter and features a cross-flow O-ring. According to the principle of mechanics, the O-ring deforms when it is subjected to water pressure. At the same time, it is connected to the surrounding structure to achieve water-saving effects. This drainage water-saving faucet has two ways, one is ordinary sparkling water, the other is shower water, as long as gently pull the two ways are free to choose, the larger the area covered with water. The 360-degree rotating design allows water to flow over the entire sink. Using excellent mute and bubbles at the same time avoids harsh noise. The water-saving device in water-saving device can effectively remove impurities in the water, save water while purifying the water source, and can be used safely. User-friendly design and installation are also very convenient and simple.

Second, the 304 stainless steel hot and cold water faucet has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, durability, etc., and can achieve precise control without wasting every drop of water. With the water-saving technology and the imported Swiss original bubbler, the bubbles are richer, more splash-free, and the water is more economical. It has a scientific design structure, excellent craftsmanship, and a good feeling. Made of 304 stainless steel, this dredge is seamlessly welded, rustproof, and corrosion-resistant. The inside and outside of the faucet are designed with the same technology, and the inner wall is smooth and delicate to avoid secondary water pollution.

The valve body of most water-saving faucets on the market is made of brass. After grinding and polishing, the surface is plated with nickel and chrome. Conventional product coatings have specific technical requirements and pass a neutral salt spray test without rusting over a period of time. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the shine of the surface, the hand does not touch any burrs, no pores, no oxidized places.

Customers should try to choose a water-saving faucet with a bubbler when purchasing, and touch the water flow with their hand. The water flow is soft foamed (the bubble content of the water flow), indicating that the bubbler is of better quality. The bubbler typically has six layers and typically consists of a metal (partial plastic) mesh cover.

The most direct and obvious advantage of the so-called water-saving faucet is that it has better water-saving performance, saving more water and cost for your family. In addition, the water-saving faucet uses more advanced technology to achieve water saving, and the appearance is more exquisite, and the material also requires higher quality materials. As with all high-end faucets, Rbrohant uses high-quality brass or stainless steel to provide the best kitchen gadget for every customer.


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