Faucets are an essential family fixture for any modern home. In our kitchen and bathroom sinks, we need a faucet to control the water so that we can use it more conveniently. The faucet looks like a very simple item but it is also composed of many parts, be it a kitchen faucet or a bathroom faucet composed of the following items.

Each brand of faucet accessories includes a spool in the faucet, an external valve body, a faucet handle, an inlet and outlet hose, as well as filter elements, rubber parts and other miscellaneous items. If it is a faucet with special features, it may be other accessories.

Cartridge. The main control of the flow of water through the faucet is controlled by rotation. The sink of the faucet is divided into a single control cartridge and double control cartridge. Whether it is a single or dual control cartridge, its maximum rotation angle is 90 degrees, and the opening angle is about 20 degrees. The cartridge is the core of the faucet. In general, ceramic cartridges are the most durable, so be sure to keep that in mind when purchasing.

Tube. The hose is used for the inflow and outflow of water. It is usually made of metal. It mainly refers to spiral bellows and the other is a ring bellow. The faucet hose is 50cm long and most suitable. When buying a faucet hose, be careful not to buy aluminum pipe. As a rule, stainless steel hoses are the most practical.

Valve body. The valve body of the faucet refers to the overall appearance of the faucet. Nowadays, the market-leading body valve materials are rich, including stainless steel valve body, brass valve body, zinc alloy valve, and so on. Among them, the brass faucet valve body is the most commonly used and has the best quality and high-cost performance.

Filter elements. It is mainly used as a special tool for water purification. It is used in general faucets. The filter element separates solid particles in a liquid or gas or is in close contact with various materials to speed up the response time and protect the proper operation of the device or the clean air.

Rbrohant bathroom size is very small and complete. We didn't expect the little faucet to have so many accessories, and the interaction of these accessories has allowed the faucet to work properly, allowing us to use the water easily.

Read here, you already know what parts make up a complete faucet. If you buy one of Rbrohant's high-quality faucets, you should check whether its parts are complete, because only complete faucet accessories are available. It can be installed correctly and has a longer service life. Of course, as a professional faucet and shower manufacturer, we will provide a complete set or other accessories for each order to avoid damage caused by improper installation. Choose Rbrohant to buy a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet.

Faucet Components

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