The general installation method for faucets.

When installing a regular faucet, first remove the faucet holder, and then unscrew the nut from the threaded pipe. A flexible hose is provided when the hose is connected to the faucet and the hose is attached to a stainless steel faucet connector such as a threaded pipe and silicone pad. Pipes run through objects that need to be installed, e.g. B. kitchen sink, kitchen sink, etc. At this time, you should pay attention to the silicone pad on the hose attached to the sides of the kitchen sink, kitchen sink, etc., and finally tighten it to ensure that the bottom faucet is more stable. Then screw the small end of the hose into the water inlet of the faucet until it stops without using any other tools. Then screw the nut pipe into the bottom of the faucet and place the ink pad on the sink on the top of the sink, which can be removed and placed at the bottom of the faucet. Finally, the faucet is fixed by fixing the faucet with a nut and tightening the nut.

The installation method for hot and cold water faucet.

When installing a hot and cold water faucet, first arrange all the accessories and make sure the instruction manual is correct. We will introduce the specific installation steps using the hot water faucet installation method as an example. In the first step, the two inlet pipes of the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe are respectively connected to the corresponding water inlets of the hot and cold faucet horses, and after the connection is completed, the hot water fixing column and the cold faucet are inserted into the two water inlet pipes. To ensure the appropriate cold. The heat is right. After these operations are completed, the assembled hot and cold water faucets must be attached to an object such as a sink, washbasin, etc., and the inlet pipe is inserted into an opening of a washbasin or the like.

The above is the special installation method for ordinary faucets and hot and cold water faucets. The installation of the faucet differs depending on the function and installation direction. After reading the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of how to install the faucet? Replace your kitchen with a new faucet immediately and buy a pull-out faucet or faucet filter from RBROHANT.

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