The bathroom is the most private space in the home, its design often reflects the owner's own preferences and taste. If space wants to be good-looking, but also to take into account both practicality and comfort, it is necessary to plan the overall style of the room and choose quality objects, and the small bathroom can also live poetically. Rbrohant bathroom products, using high-quality copper, low-key and simple shape, fashionable. Every single product has unique ingenuity, and the storage function is needless to say, helping to create a comfortable style bathroom space.

1. Make use of a towel rack and towel rack to build a three-dimensional storage system.

Most people's bathroom, complete shower kits, toilet, washing machine, washbasin occupy this space, the remaining space may only be a place to stay. At this time, you still want to put things in it? That might as well make full use of metope space to receive. Rbrohant bathroom products open towel rack will receive bath towels, bathrobes, fragrance, body lotion, and so on neatly. A book or a piece of music is within reach so that you can slowly enjoy the pleasure of taking a bath.

Brushed gold bathroom hardware 4-piece set.

2. Flexible use of clothes hooks.

Always feel that there is not enough space, store shelves to buy more, not only take up space, change of clothes can only be stacked can not hang, then try Rbrohant toiletries hang clothes hook. Small does not occupy an area, copper-zinc alloy material, do not stick to fingerprints, a wipe is clean, easy to take care of; thick base, strong load-bearing capacity. Can hang bathroom products or change clothes, fashionable appearance design, suitable for different home styles.

3. Give the towel an exclusive place.

Do you throw towels on the sink or on the towel rack every time you use them? have you ever thought that the towels you just used are easy to breed bacteria in wet conditions, so try to hang them up to dry in your own small space? Rbrohant towel bars or towel ring, stick to the wall to save space. Circular design, simple temperament, suitable for most families. Surface painting technology, waterproof and moisture-proof durable, warm and moist as a water touch to give life more comfortable.

Rbrohant adheres to the intention to create first-class products, through unremitting efforts, aimed at providing customers with one-stop hardware solutions, comfortable and convenient at the same time, reflect the personality style, highlight dignity. Every product of Rbrohant embodies care in refinement.

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