People's pursuit of exquisite life promotes the development of home decoration. In the process of furniture selection, although the proportion of hardware accessories is small, whether it is custom-made or purchased furniture, kitchen faucets, bathroom, and other hardware, it is a part that can not be ignored. But when you go to a sanitary ware store, you don't know how to choose when you are faced with a dazzling array of sanitary ware. Rbrohant will take you to choose the right sanitary ware.

1. The tripod rack is the main storage tool in the bathroom.

The corner should become the main force in the small bathroom. The triangle rack of Rbrohant sanitary ware is a typical product that can make full use of the corner of the wall. In particular, the corner of the shower area has almost become the only choice for the wet area.

2. The toilet paper rack is very simple and practical.

In some families, toilets are not equipped with toilet paper shelves, and toilet paper is placed at random in the corner, which is not only unsanitary but may not be found at critical moments. At this time, it is necessary to equip the toilet with a thoughtful companion-the Rbrohant toilet paper holder, to give yourself the convenience at your fingertips. This kind of toilet paper rack can not only be used as a toilet paper rack but also can be changed into a towel bar at any time, which is very simple and practical.

Bathroom Hardware 4-Piece Set.

3. Toilet brush holder is an elegant bathroom accessory.

The toilet brush holder is a simple and humanized design that is suitable for different family designs. Rbrohant bathroom products are fashionable and durable. Solid material selection + frosted glass, not only the toilet brush rack but also elegant bathroom accessories. Novel design, elegant shape, and smooth lines. Can be used for a variety of home decoration style embellishment color. High-quality material selection, anticorrosive, durable, non-rusting, thickening the main body, stable load-bearing, clean, gently wipe with a wet towel.

A set of suitable Rbrohant sanitary ware not only performs the function of the storage but also plays the role of decoration, echoes and sublimates with space as a whole, showing the taste of the host.

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