Thermostatic showers are no longer a new product but can be seen everywhere in the building materials market. Compared with an ordinary shower, a constant temperature shower has many advantages:

1. Safety button lock anti-scald design.

The shower-type intelligent thermostatic shower can ensure that the effluent temperature is controlled between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. Scientifically speaking, the shower water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, because if the water temperature is too high, it will greatly dilate the blood vessels. This can lead to cerebral hypoxia, cerebral ischemia or dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms. Synchronously equipped with a temperature control handle (safety button), if you want to raise the hot water temperature above 38 degrees, you must press the safety button and rotate the handle forward (HOT) at the same time, which is safer and more secure than the traditional design. For families with children, you can rest assured that you can let your child take a bath by himself, and you are not afraid of accidental burns caused by children mistakenly turning to the hot water switch.

Black thermostatic shower.

2. Design of overheating, water cut-off, and anti-scalding.

The constant temperature faucet also has an abnormal water temperature automatic water cut-off system, no matter the hot water is overheated or the cold water end is short of water, which leads to the effluent temperature higher than the set temperature, that is, the water will be cut off automatically, which can effectively prevent scald and ensure the safety of bathing.

Chrome thermostatic shower.

3. Improve the hot and cold bath.

It is not enough to install a constant temperature water heater, which only provides hot water with a stable temperature. Mix cold water through a constant temperature faucet to keep the outlet temperature at the most comfortable 38 to 40 degrees, effectively avoiding changes in water volume and water temperature caused by the use of water in other places, coupled with patented nano thermostats to restore comfortable water temperature within 5 seconds, effectively improve the state of cold and heat, and take care of the water needs of the whole family in an all-round way.

Brushed nickel thermostatic shower.


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