Many bathroom rooms at home are equipped with sanitary ware such as basin faucets, showers and hardware accessories. These sanitary ware products, which are closely related to our life, have brought us a comfortable life. When we use these hardware products, often ignore their cleaning and maintenance. So how should we clean and maintain them in our daily life? Proper cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of the product.

1. Cleaning of bathroom faucet.

Bathroom faucets scale cleaning method: most of the basin faucet between bathrooms are copper chrome plated, after a period of use, the glossiness of the chromium layer on the surface of the faucet will be significantly reduced, and fog or surface hair will appear obviously. affect the brightness of the bibcock, seriously affect the beauty. The reason for this phenomenon is that a large amount of scale is attached to the surface of the faucet, resulting in the cover of the chromium layer on the surface of the faucet, so that the bibcock loses its original luster. When cleaning, we can squeeze a small amount of toothpaste to the surface of the faucet, then gently use a soft cloth to remove the scale on the surface of the faucet, rinse with clean water, rinse and then wipe the faucet with a dry soft cloth.

Matters needing attention for cleaning and maintenance of bathroom faucet: the surface of basin faucet can not be scrubbed with alkaline cleaning solution and steel ball or hard cloth, because steel ball or hard cloth will cause damage to the surface of basin faucet after wiping through the faucet surface. Leaving irreparable scratches and destroying the overall beauty of the bibcock.

Black bathtub faucet.

2. Cleaning of shower head.

It is natural that the shower head is clogged after being used for a period of time, which does not mean that the shower head is broken. This is mainly due to the fact that the scale has blocked the spray hole of the shower after long-term water discharge. At this time, it is necessary to disassemble and clean the shower head. Disassembly and cleaning is actually very simple, it does not require you to completely disassemble the shower head, the most important thing is to let you clean the shower head. The best raw material for cleaning shower heads is edible white vinegar, which is a cooking material provided by the family. After we remove the flower sprinkler head, soak it in a small basin filled with white vinegar for about two hours, wash it with a toothbrush and rinse with clean water; if there is any hard water sediment, you can scrub it with lemon slices. Cleaning the shower head is to pay special attention not to use strong acid (preferably white vinegar), so as not to cause corrosion to the shower surface. In order to ensure that the shower head is not clogged, we can clean the shower head every half a year or less, so as not to block the shower head suddenly and affect the mood of the shower.

Single function shower faucet.

3. Other matters needing attention in cleaning and maintenance of hardware.

Bathroom between the common hardware and paper rollers, towel racks, shelves, frames and so on, cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to some matters.

Avoid spilling strong acid and alkaline solution directly on the hardware, wipe it clean immediately when it happens inadvertently, avoid using any abrasive detergent, cloth or paper towels, and any cleaning agent containing strong acid and alkali, polishing pigments, etc.; form the habit of opening the window, keep the air in the bathroom smooth, and take the maintenance mode of dry-wet separation bathroom hardware.

Brushed nickel bathroom hardware set.


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