Nowadays, everyone is very concerned about the safety of water quality. In order to prevent domestic water from secondary pollution, faucets are very important. How can we choose a healthy and good quality shower faucets? You can consider it from five aspects.

1. The choice of faucet handle.

At present, the handle of faucet is mainly divided into: spiral type, single handle, double handle, with 90 °switch.

The spiral faucet has the longest history. This kind of faucet with handle has the advantages of large water output, affordable price and simple maintenance, so it is still popular.

The single handle faucet is easy to operate and the structure is simple, because the water pressure will rise rapidly when the single handle faucet is turned on and off, so the faucet with single handle should be selected with high copper content.

Double-handle faucet can be suitable for more occasions, such as off-stage basin faucet, massage bathtub cylinder side faucet and so on. At the same time, double-handle faucet is more accurate and delicate when adjusting water temperature, which is suitable for people who are sensitive to temperature.

With 90 °switch, it can rotate the handle 90 °when starting and closing, and can be adjusted on both sides of hot and cold water. It is characterized by convenient opening and more styles.

Wall Mount Black Bathroom Faucet.

2. Whether the faucet have an aerator.

All bathroom faucets on the market have an aerator, but faucets with aerator are generally of high quality. It is recommended to buy a faucet with a aerator device. Because the aerator device has the function of preventing water splashing, saving water and filtering water quality.

How to choose a good aerator? First of all, a good aerator uses high-quality stainless steel mesh, which can be seen with the naked eye. You can also turn on the faucet, the water flow is soft and blister (water bubble content) is rich, indicating that the quality of the aerator device is better.

Faucet Aerator

3. The core component of the faucet: Cartridge.

The most important thing that affects the quality of the faucet is the cartridge.

There are three common cartridges: ceramic cartridge, stainless steel ball and shaft roller cartridge.

The best of these three cartridges is ceramic. Because the roller type is a relatively old-fashioned cartridge, it can no longer meet the needs of the crowd for the cartridge, while the roller cartridge is rarely seen in the bibcock produced by big brands.

Ceramic cartridge is widely used because of its good wear resistance and good sealing performance.

Faucet Cartridge

4. Electroplating process of faucet.

The electroplating of the faucet not only directly affects the beauty of a faucet, but also directly determines the quality of corrosion and rust prevention of the faucet. At present, the international standard for electroplating thickness of faucets is 8 microns, and the best one can reach 12 microns.

The kitchen faucets with good quality are generally plated with three layers of semi-glossy nickel, bright nickel and chromium on the refined copper body. Now there are domestic faucets that promote five-layer electroplating, which includes three layers of copper, such as hydrogen copper, pure copper and acid copper, followed by nickel and chromium plating.

Gold Kitchen Faucet

5. The material of the faucet.

There are many kinds of faucet materials, but the editor suggests to choose one of these three materials: all-copper, ceramic and stainless steel.

-Copper faucet.

Is a commonly used material for faucets, durable, antioxidant, bactericidal effect on water, but copper faucets contain lead, is a harmful metal, so copper faucets have strict standards for lead content. At the same time, the kitchen had better not use copper faucets.

-Stainless steel faucet.

Stainless steel faucet is an environmentally friendly and healthy material, but stainless steel is also divided into 201 and 304 stainless steel, and we had better choose 304 stainless steel faucet, which does not rust and does not contain lead and will not cause secondary pollution to the water source. however, because 304 stainless steel is difficult to make and process, so the price is also high. But 304 stainless steel faucet is a healthy water environment for kitchen and bathroom in our junior high school.

-Ceramic faucet.

As the name implies, ceramic faucet is the bibcock of ceramic production. Compared with other faucets, ceramic faucets have the advantages of non-rusting, non-oxidation and not easy to wear. Ceramic faucet appearance is beautiful and generous, because the shell is also ceramic products, so it can better match with bathroom products, add the artistic sense of ceramics, set off the high-end temperament of the bathroom.

Black Basin Faucet
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