How to Fix a Leaking Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet?

Kitchen faucets with pull-out sprays are now standard in almost every kitchen. Most people can afford a high-quality kitchen faucet these days. But like any faucet, pull-out kitchen faucets can have issues over time, such as a leaking faucet. Fortunately, in most cases, repairs are neither complicated nor demanding, as long as you can get any necessary spare parts from the retailer. What should I do if the pull-out faucet leaks? We've put together some tips for you here.Leaking pull-out kitchen faucet

Causes of leaking kitchen faucets

Pull-out sprinklers and faucets can leak in multiple locations. These include - cartridges, seals, limescale deposits, retractable hoses, threaded connections between hoses and sprays.

You can try to fix it yourself first without seeking professional help. In many cases this is easy to achieve. Turn off the water and close the angle valve of the faucet and fittings.

Replacing internal cartridges

If the internal cartridge is damaged and shows signs of damage, it will cause a leak. This may be the case with faucets with levers. It's hard to tell if a cartridge or seal is outright defective, which is why you should completely replace them with new ones. Any faucet manufacturer will also provide them with the correct replacement parts.

Replace the seal

Gaskets can leak on all types of joints. However, older models don't have cartridges, so this can be ruled out here. To replace the gasket, unscrew the faucet cap and replace the seal.

Eliminate limescale deposits

Repair faucets with vinegar. Take a balloon, fill it with vinegar essence, and place it on the faucet. Then rinse the faucet with hot water.

Telescoping hose leaks

To determine if the leak is coming from the hose, you must unscrew it and plug one end. If you now fill the hose with water, you can check the tightness. If this is the case, you will need to replace it and replace it with a new one. A small piece of this flexible tube usually doesn't last long.

Sealed screw connection

If all measures have not resulted in water leakage, it can only be the threaded connection between the sprinkler spray and the shower hose. Disconnect hose and replace seal. A little suitable grease will help with the new tight screw connection. Now reconnect the hoses.

If your kitchen faucet is leaking, don't delay fixing it. Even dripping water can greatly increase consumption, and if the dripping is not at the outlet, permanent moisture can cause costly consequential damage. Measured by the short working hours - just a few minutes to half an hour under favorable conditions - the repair costs are disproportionate to the possible consequences of leaking parts.Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

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