LED Bathroom Mirror Brings You a Brand New Experience.

The bathroom mirror is an indispensable part of the bathroom space. A clear and bright bathroom mirror can bring a good mood when dressing up. LED bathroom mirrors are mainly oval, rectangular and circular. High-quality bathroom mirrors generally have anti-fog and waterproof functions.LED bathroom mirror

1. Anti-fog

According to the basic principle of anti-fog bathroom mirrors, it can be divided into surface-coated anti-fog mirrors and electric anti-fog mirrors. The anti-fog mirror with coating is based on coating the micro-plate to avoid the generation of fog layer. This method is more reliable, but the price is higher.

Electric heating anti-fog mirror is based on heating wire or electric heating to warm the mirror glass to achieve the actual effect of anti-fog. Electric heaters and anti-fog are more initial, critical, switch power, and leave room on the other side of the mirror, but at a lower price.

2. Waterproof

When choosing a bathroom mirror, not only should you choose an anti-fog bathroom mirror, but also pay attention to the waterproofness of the bathroom mirror. General waterproof bathroom mirror is coated with waterproof material on the reverse side. The installation of this bathroom mirror in the bathroom will reasonably prevent the growth of Aspergillus flavus, and the gap is that all the mirror surfaces burst out in the gap of the bathroom mirror. This will inevitably lead to small potential risks and should be treated with caution. High-quality electric anti-fog mirrors should be integrated with anti-fog mirrors and waterproof mirrors, so that they will not leak even if they penetrate into water. When purchasing, individuals must pay attention to its waterproof coefficient. The good thing is to make it waterproof before buying. Not only do you want to buy a good deal or a good looking product, but you also want to buy a poor quality bathroom mirror incorrectly.

3. Anti-rust treatment

Nowadays, there are anti-fog mirrors on the sales market, mainly coated anti-fog mirrors and electric anti-fog mirrors on the surface. The former is based on covering the microplate to avoid the fog layer; the latter is based on the electric heater to increase the temperature of the mirror glass, and the fog water volatilizes quickly, so that the fog layer cannot be generated, and the use value of the mirror is very high. At the raw material level, mirrors are divided into aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. When choosing mirrors, try to choose silver-white mirrors. Mercury has a high density, it is very easy to cooperate with laminated glass, and it is not easy to get wet. It can be used for a long time. Most of the waterproof mirrors on the market are silver mirrors.

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