How to Disassemble the Single Hole Basin Faucet?

Removing a single-hole faucet is not an easy task for every do-it-yourselfer. If it is defective, the question arises whether it can be repaired or whether it needs to be repurchased. Below, you'll find out from us whether dismantling your single-hole basin faucet is worth it.

The construction of single-hole lavatory faucets varies by type, manufacturer, and model. At the heart of the faucet is always a cartridge. In addition, there are various parts. While some models of ink cartridges are easy to get your hands on, for others it's impossible to replace them.
single-hole faucet

Single-hole lavatory faucets have some basic similarities in construction. Single-hole lavatory faucets have some basic similarities in construction. You will need the following parts to come loose and disassemble to actually get to the cartridge inside. The structure here is usually similar. The following components can be found on most models:

  • Cover
  • Swivel arm
  • Cartridge cover

Remove cover

Most hats simply clip on. These can be easily removed. If this is not the case, loosening the screws is enough. Now you can remove the cover.

Removing the swivel arm

You can also simply pull down some swivel arms. However, most are secured with 2.5mm screws. A suitable Allen key is sufficient to remove the swivel arm.

Remove the plastic cover

Finally, there is a plastic cap on the cartridge. It can also usually be removed in a few easy steps. Note possible seals and different screws.

Is the Single Hole Basin Faucet Worth Removing?

In most cases, the repairs aren't worth it to a do-it-yourselfer. In fact, buying new is the more economical option for most damage situations. Although accessories are available in the market, these are often more expensive than buying a new faucet.
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