Main Considerations for Purchasing a Shower System

Nowadays, shower systems are installed in almost every family. Showers can not only bring us a good bathing experience, but also have a certain decorative effect, but we must pay attention to some things when purchasing showers. Details, what should be paid attention to when purchasing a shower system? What are the maintenance methods for the shower system?
Rain Shower System with Tub Spout

What should be paid attention to when purchasing a shower system?

1. There are two choices of shower system hand shower and top shower, which are mainly determined according to your bathing habits. Men prefer the shower system, which makes it more refreshing to take a shower with a large amount of water. And women prefer hand-held showers, the water is delicate, and the hair will not be wet during the bath. Therefore, more and more families will choose shower sets with top spray and handheld. Although it will be more expensive, it can meet the whole family's requirements for different bathing methods. Most shower systems are similar in shape, and the choice mainly depends on their spray effect. A good-quality shower system sprays evenly from every small nozzle hole and can achieve a smooth shower effect under different water pressures.

2. The material of the shower system, the price of the copper shower system is slightly higher, but it is also more durable. Stainless steel showers have relatively few shapes and styles and are mostly used in high-end hotels. If you want to really pursue high quality, you must choose copper + electroplating products. When choosing, you can look at the gloss and smoothness of the shower system. A bright and smooth shower system means that the coating is uniform, the quality is relatively good, and the service life will be longer. A good electroplating process can avoid water stains, and it will be as clean as new after a year or so. The quality of the shower finish not only affects the quality and service life but also affects the usual cleaning and sanitation. Generally, the surface of the shower is chrome-plated. A good coating can be kept at a high temperature of 150°C for 1 hour without blistering, wrinkling or peeling.

3. The cartridge is the heart of the shower. The steering, pressure, flow, etc. of the shower are basically controlled by the cartridge. It is also a key component for mixing cold and hot water. It will directly affect the comfort of bathing and the length of use time. For example, the thermostatic shower system is controlled by the cartridge to control the temperature. The thermostatic shower system can save you time to adjust the water temperature, and it will not be hot and cold when taking a bath.
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What are the maintenance methods for the shower system?

1. Every once in a while, such as 2 months, remove the shower, water the surface and interior of the shower with edible white vinegar and soak for 4-6 hours, and clean the nozzle with a cotton swab or rag. Then reinstall and pass water for a while, and wait for the white vinegar and scale to flow out, so as to achieve the effect of removing scale.

2. Keep the surface clean. After each use, make sure that there is no shower gel left on the shower. You can also use a soft cloth to stick a little flour to wipe the electroplated surface of the showers, and then rinse with water to make the surface of the showers as bright as new.

3. Pay attention to the use environment. It is best to use the shower system in an environment not higher than 70°C. High temperature and ultraviolet light will greatly accelerate the aging of the shower system. At the same time, the shower system should be installed away from heat sources.

4. Do not use strong acid to clean, remember not to use strong acid to clean the scale, otherwise it will easily corrode the surface of the shower.
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