Do bathroom accessories always have to be chrome or brushed gold? Absolutely not, as black bathroom accessories are all the rage right now. The classic chrome look is timeless but can be found in 90% of bathrooms. Do you find black too dark, too hard, and too sensitive to lime? Don't worry, black in the bathroom is (still) unusual, but it works well together and, in the right combination, ensures a relaxed and, most importantly, cozy vibe. Black accessories impress with their clear formal language and elegant design. For example, a black basin faucet looks more harmonious with a chrome faucet than a shiny chrome faucet — and always chic.

Black bathroom accessories: easy to combine

The combination of matte black shower fittings and imitation stone tiles is also impressive. Tiles contrasting with individually selected wooden elements, together with black accents and carefully selected details, create a harmonious overall concept. At the same time, more and more bathroom accessories manufacturers also offer black products - such as RBROHANT.

Additionally, black accessories are increasingly being used throughout the house. No longer just above the washbasin in a classic way, but increasingly in the kitchen. Even so, more product lines with their own designs are created.

Design your bathroom in black

RBROHANT's range of basin mixers, bathtubs and shower systems offers you the perfect inspiration for a black bathroom.

In addition to a detailed list of technical characteristics, you have the opportunity to compare other bathroom accessories - whether in black, white, or other colors.

Easily add more bathroom faucets in black or other colors. For example, fittings made of brass, ABS plastic, or stainless steel.

Black bathroom accessories are really trendy

This development of different manufacturers shows that black accessories are becoming more and more modern. As mentioned above, the special look is mainly achieved through the contrast that can be created with smaller elements. Black washbasin fittings in front of light tiles are a real highlight in every bathroom, no matter how big the bathroom is. However, in combination with bathroom furniture and other bathroom accessories, different effects can be achieved depending on the design, making it possible to give a personalized effect in each bathroom. Bathrooms with matte black fittings can have a warmer and more natural look than white chrome fittings.

Pros and cons of black accessories

The great advantages of black accessories can be quickly summed up: they offer a special look that is not only elegant and modern but can be optimally combined with many things, especially with wood.

However, in everyday use in the bathroom, one should not forget that, for example, on a black faucet, depending on the surface and design, light spots caused by limescale or toothpaste are particularly noticeable, even if this is caused far from all statements. Therefore, cleaning may be required more frequently than usual. Also, there is a risk of black overloading the room. Because while black accessories can set a special hue in a bright bathroom, they can quickly appear rather gloomy in a dark room.

But anyone who thinks black bathroom accessories are drab will soon be proven wrong by offerings from various manufacturers: RBROHANT, for example, offers many washbasin accessories and other black bathroom accessories such as the "shower system in matte black" version, available in a matte finish. However, if you're now interested in black elements in your bathroom, but don't want to go without that shiny chrome look, you'll also find what you're looking for at RBROHANT, for example, you can count on shiny, polished black tub accessories. Although all these accessories are black, their designs are set in different styles and can take into account individual wishes.

If you now want to search for other black bathroom accessories or other black components, you can filter products by color on RBROHANT and find the right product for your project in no time.

Shape and design of black bathroom fixtures

At RBROHANT you can find black bathroom faucets in all shapes and designs. For showers, you'll find overhead and hand showers in black along with shower accessories. As mentioned above, the entire shower system is also available in black or only with black elements. There are also different variants of black bath fittings: you will find bath mixers with multiple valves and bath and shower fittings as single-lever mixers as well as bath inlets. Black washbasin accessories are available in a variety of options. In addition to radically different designs, such as single-handle and two-handle mixers and wall- or surface-mounted accessories, there are products that come with black elements only occasionally, in addition to completely black accessories.

Whether fittings, walls, floors, bathtubs, shower systems, or small accents in bathroom decor are black, or you decide to put the color on a large area - black in the bathroom always works. Finally, we would like to offer some tips and tricks for your planning.

Black bathroom faucet tips:

Balance blacks with enough light: Ideally, dark colors can be balanced with large, bright windows that provide plenty of sunlight.

Choose wisely: everything doesn't have to be black all the time - set accents with black accessories and design your bathroom the way you like it best.

Maintenance: When using black bathroom furniture, make sure the surface is easy to maintain so you don't have to deal with unnecessary limescale and grime.

Repeat Black: Combine black tiles with black washbasin fittings, soap dispensers, lamps, or towels for a harmonious overall concept.

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