Anything that pleases is allowed? When it comes to the fixtures in your bathroom, we answer that question with a stretched yes. Of course, you can combine nostalgic-style faucets with puristic washbasins according to your mood and taste. No one forbids a minimalist faucet on a clawfoot tub. But is it really smart to mix and match wildly? What requirements do you place on your fittings? And, not to forget, what technical aspects need to be taken into account in your bathroom? Just follow our guide.

Of course, this look immediately grabs attention. But take a break from the outside for a while and focus on the intrinsic value. What is important to you? What are your requirements for accessories? Should it be operated by pressing a button or sensor and remembering your favorite settings? Then you need an accessory with smart technology - which can also be linked to a smart home control system. Or is frugality at the top of your wish list? Modern faucets and shower heads ensure excellent washing pleasure with a small flow of water. Don't want to waste a lot of time cleaning? Then choose delicate surfaces where water, limescale and dirt simply roll-off. Are you looking for reliable technology and attractive design at an affordable price? Many classic models combine all three criteria. Kids frolic in your bathroom, desperate for their hands and mouths after digging in the sandbox and kissing chocolate? The precise single-lever mixer is easy to operate, even for the smallest hands. A chic example is the RBROHANT washbasin faucet, which perfectly combines design, user-friendliness and economical consumption.

Once the intrinsic value is identified, the assembly technique begins. Surface or hide - that's the question here. With hidden fittings, lines, mixer taps, etc. disappear into the wall, leaving only the spout and controls visible. Nothing disturbs the eyes here, and no one doubts the technology behind your wellness oasis. In addition, hidden accessories save space as more space is left behind the wall for bathroom furniture and freedom of movement. Finally, this form of installation offers some flexibility: for example, the accessories can be mounted on one wall of the shower, while the shower head on the other.

This form of assembly is usually only possible when planning new buildings. If you renovate an old bathroom, you will need a lot of remodeling work. So if you're remodeling faucets etc or renovating your bathroom, then bare accessories are a better option. The complete accessories including the faucet can be seen here. In this way, washbasin, shower or bathtub accessories can be quickly replaced without significant expense or effort.

Once the structural details are clarified, in the end, it's all about aesthetics. Do you like classic elegance? Maybe the RBROHANT Matte Black collection will be perfect for your dream bathroom. Do you like to show a certain luxury in the bathroom? Then you will love accessories in RBROHANT brushed gold. It doesn't always have to be chrome.

Rainfall Thermostatic Shower System Matte Black

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