More Light, More Space

In browsing the website and exhibition, I found bathroom mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and designs - so are the right examples for all spaces and lighting conditions.

Anyone who has a relatively dark bathroom and relies on additional light sources should opt for a mirror with integrated lighting. Here you can choose the right type according to your liking: whether it is an illuminated frame, a separate light bar or an underlying LED light that provides indirect lighting.

Another classic is the mirror cabinet. Especially when extra storage space is required, they prove to be the perfect partner. Find everything here that needs to be stored safely, discreetly, and still quickly accessible. But like this... I thought about it for a long time. These mirrored wall cabinets are too unappealing to me because of their protruding bodies. Apparently, I'm not the only one bothered by it. Because more and more mirror cabinets are now installed flush with the wall. Coherent overall picture and practical use - which in turn is total to my taste.

LED Bathroom Mirror 2.0

The mirror should mostly reflect - that's for sure. But only with mirrors? Maybe provide extra lighting and storage? Isn't this a bit outdated in today's smart home age? Some manufacturers outfit their mirrors with additional features that I used to be familiar with on a smartphone or tablet. Of course, the mirror is large and almost destined to be used as a screen. Some designs now have cameras, LCD screens, motion detectors, and microphones in the background. Checking emails while brushing your teeth, doing makeup tutorials while doing it, or just being able to adjust light and temperature to the tiniest nuances - high-tech mirrors have potential.

However, this innovative mirror technology may have a downside: In the future, men will also spend a lot more time in the bathroom.

LED Bathroom Mirror

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