A dripping faucet is not only very sensitive to disturbing sleep at night, but it also greatly increases your water bill in the long run and is unnecessary. There are several ways to solve this problem. But precautions can also be helpful. These include, for example:

- Regularly clean the faucet with a scale remover to prevent limescale particles from clogging the faucet.
- Regularly replace the rubber seal in the faucet every 2 years to prevent dripping from the faucet. And it was not expensive, but only a handful of cents.

Replace the sealing rubber O rings on the faucet.

Don't forget to turn off the water. The residual pressure must also be released early; you should briefly turn on the tap again. Then you have to unscrew the faucet handle. It's best to use a pipe wrench, but to protect the faucet, put a cloth between them so the faucet doesn't get scratched and look ugly. Then remove the old seal and insert a new one. The handle must now be screwed on again.

Another material that can be used to repair faucets is PTFE. It wraps tightly around the thread against the direction of rotation and coats the fermentation broth. Teflon tape is also helpful, there should be several layers around the threads. But even very thin plastic bags, cut into strips and tied to a string, hold in well.

Clean the aerator.

If the seal on the faucet head needs to be replaced, i.e. where the water comes out, it is also recommended to clean the filter there, as a dirty filter can greatly degrade the water quality. If necessary, it can also be cleaned with a descaling agent. It is easy to judge whether the sealing ring is defective or not by deformation. Then it has to be replaced anyway.

Mixer faucet error.

But it's also possible that the handle on the faucet doesn't close properly, which can also cause the faucet to drip. In this case, just pull the handle down, which doesn't require much effort. Then turn the screw in the opposite direction to replace the seal. Then unscrew and fix the whole thing in the opposite direction, the handle of the accessory closes properly again and the faucet no longer drips.

Complete replacement of faucets or accessories.

Of course, in the case of a serious defect, it may happen that the faucet has to be completely replaced. If you're handy, you can easily do it yourself.

leaking sink faucet

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