How to Replace a Bathtub Faucet?

Do you want to replace your bathtub faucet? Don't worry, you don't have to call a busy installer right away, you can do it yourself. Learn how to replace your bathtub faucet in this article.
Bathtub Faucet

If you already set up the rest of your bathroom, installing a bathtub faucet is just the icing on the cake. It doesn't matter whether you're buying a tub faucet for a new apartment or house, or just replacing an old one. Looking to upgrade your old bathroom from the looks of it. Whatever your situation, this is an easy task that only takes two hours of work.

When should a bathtub faucet be replaced?

First, let's talk about when to replace the bathtub faucet. Aside from the fact that you no longer like the faucet, if it is no longer working properly or is damaged, you should of course replace it.

High-quality bathtub faucets from the well-known manufacturer RBROHANT are characterized by a long service life. If the fitting leaks, you only need to replace the gasket or the entire cartridge. If the lever is no longer working properly, you will also need to replace the cartridge. Sometimes just replacing the shunt is enough.

However, sometimes more serious errors can occur. Then it's time to buy a new tub faucet.

Before installing the faucet, you should prepare tools and accessories, such as wrenches, pliers, purchased new faucets, hoses, rubber washers, etc. Let's get to work when we're ready.

Dismantling an old bathtub faucet.

1. First turn off the water supply. Close the two closest valves - one for hot water and one for cold water. If you can't find the valve, it's best to close the hot and cold water pipes.

2. Now let the remaining water flow out using the lever. Just in case, you should have a rag ready for any remaining water dripping from the faucet.

3. Before removing the old bathtub faucet, make sure that the hot water connector is really on the left side and the cold water connector is on the right side. If this is not the case, then you should contact the installer.

4. Get all accessories ready. Keep tools handy.

Install a new bathtub faucet.

1. Before installing the bathtub faucet, we need to rinse the water pipe with water to prevent the water from being too hard and causing unnecessary damage to the faucet. In addition, we also need to check whether the parts in the box are clean and free of impurities, mainly to prevent Blocked or worn ceramic cartridges during installation.

2. When connecting the water pipes, do not connect the hot and cold water outlet pipes wrongly, connect hot water on the left and cold water on the right, and leave a distance of 100mm-200mm between the two pipes.

However, mounting systems vary by manufacturer. If you are an inexperienced do-it-yourself operator then we definitely recommend contacting an installer. A suitable mounting location must be found and the built-in body connected to the fitting in a suitable manner. When placing built-in bodies, the thickness of the tiles must also be considered.

If you want to do this project yourself, then we have some suggestions for you:

1. When installing the bathtub faucet, avoid direct contact with the surface of the faucet with hands or tools to avoid scratches on the surface of the faucet.

2. Before installing the inlet and outlet pipes of the connecting faucet, drain the sewage in the pipes until the water flowing out is clear water.

3. Connect the hot water pipe on the left and the cold water pipe on the right, make no mistake.

4. When tightening the screws, do not use excessive force.

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