How to Choose and Install a Shower System?

After a tiring day at work, a soothing hot bath is a must-have relaxation item. At this time, a high-quality shower is very important. So how to choose a shower system in the bathroom?
Shower System

How to choose a shower system?

1. Appearance of the shower system, in the case of sufficient light, the surface of the shower head should be as bright as a mirror without oxidation spots. When choosing a shower, we can twist the switch, a good shower feels comfortable and smooth; we can also look at its tube body, a good tube body is made of all-copper material, and the sound of hand tapping is loud. You can also check whether the water pipes and lifting rods are flexible, how the shower hose resists flexion, etc.

2. The spray effect of the shower system, the water flow of each nozzle hole of a good quality shower is balanced; when purchasing a shower, we should pay attention to its water outlet method, everyone tilts the shower to emit water, if the water outlet from the top nozzle becomes smaller or no more, it means that the internal design of the shower in general, and even if there are multiple ways of spraying water, the experience effect is general.

3. Whether the shower head is easy to clean or not, the blockage of the sprinkler head after long-term use has always been a problem for many people. In recent years, manufacturers are also constantly optimizing. Generally, the nozzles of high-quality showers are prominent, or the nozzles are made of silicone material, and even some showers have the function of automatic descaling.

Installation steps of the shower system.

1. Determine the punching position

Before installing the shower head, read the instructions first, and then measure the size up and down to find the best position to install the shower head. The left and right directions are in the middle of the left and right walls of the bathroom, and the up and down vertical directions are based on the position of the faucet to determine the position of the punch.

2. Drilling

According to the specific height, draw the installation position of the shower on the wall, locate a fixed point, and punch holes on the wall. Be careful not to hit the water pipes in the wall, the whole process has certain technical requirements.

3. Installation and fixing

According to the instructions in the manual, screw the round bottom cover to the wall and install the shower rod to the wall, starting from the top. After the upper fixing point is stabilized, fix the lower position to avoid the fall of the shower rod.

4. Adjust the position

After the inner angle screws of the fixed point are all screwed in, make a detailed adjustment. Adjust the direction of left and right rotation so that the uppermost shower head is in the center, and then tighten the screw.

5. Install the hand shower

The hose of the shower should not be twisted or twisted. To do cleaning and maintenance work.

When choosing a bathroom shower, you should pay attention to the performance of the product, but also choose according to your own needs. According to your different needs for showers, you can choose a high-quality shower that suits your heart, so as to bring a better experience.

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