Kitchen faucets from traditional cast iron technology to electroplating knob type, from single temperature single control, dual temperature dual control, to intelligent control, the technology is constantly upgraded, and the materials are constantly updated, both in form and function. As a result, there are various products on the market, and it takes a lot of effort for ordinary consumers to choose a kitchen faucet with practical functions and good quality.

In general, to judge the quality of the kitchen faucet, consumers only need to understand the three aspects of material, function and shape. How to choose the right household kitchen faucet from these three aspects?

Material - Safety and health are the most important, choose a regular brand

Household water is inseparable from the kitchen faucet, and its material safety is directly related to the health of the family. Kitchen faucets on the market include iron, copper (copper alloy), stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. Each material has its own characteristics:

Iron faucets: Iron faucets are easy to rust and difficult to replace and disassemble, just like magnets. Generally, they are some small faucets, the surface is more difficult to handle, and the appearance is relatively rough; the large hot and cold faucets use less iron, and the processing is more difficult;

Zinc alloy faucet: Zinc alloy faucet is harmful to the human body, the shell is easily corroded and broken after being impacted by water, and the surface is white after grinding. At present, it is generally made of the sand casting process and machine dies casting, and the interior is smooth and flat.

Copper faucet: The interior of copper is relatively rough. You can observe the inside of the faucet. You can see the brass color in an inconspicuous place. There is no problem. At present, copper is the most suitable material for faucets.

Ceramic faucet: Compared with other materials, the faucet made of ceramic has the advantages of no rust, no oxidation, and no easy wear. The appearance is generous, and it brings out the high-end atmosphere of the whole space.

Stainless steel faucet: Stainless steel faucet is lead-free, acid and alkali resistant, not easy to corrode, and its hardness and toughness are more than twice that of copper faucets, but the hardness, toughness and cutting are more difficult and costly than copper faucets.

The leading German brand in the industry has used an independent water channel design, and the pipeline using polymer materials inside completely isolates the water from the faucet, preventing the problem of heavy metal precipitation entering the water flow.

For ordinary consumers, it is not so easy to judge the material of the kitchen faucet without professional identification knowledge and tools. It is recommended to directly choose products from regular brands.

Function - simple and durable

According to the frequency of use of the kitchen, the choice of kitchen faucet functions will also be different. Families that use the kitchen less frequently can choose a faucet with controllable temperature and flow. Families that use the kitchen more frequently also need to consider the convenience of water use, washing efficiency, and whether it can meet special water use scenarios, etc. When purchasing Specifically, it can be measured from the following three aspects.

· Temperature and flow control

Kitchen faucets are often controlled by two handles, controlling hot water and cold water at the same time. Using such a faucet, especially if you want to adjust to the required temperature, is a test of patience.

Faucets that control the water temperature and flow at the same time with a single handle are more common and are more convenient to use.

In terms of control experience, it is an intelligent control faucet, such as kitchen faucets launched by high-end brands such as GROHE, Hansgrohe, RBROHANT, etc. When your hands are dirty or you are holding something, you can touch the faucet with your arm or elbow. Turn on the water flow easily.

· Water outlet methods

For families with high-frequency kitchen water, it is more suitable to choose a faucet with multiple water outlet methods. At least it is necessary to ensure that the kitchen faucet has two water outlet modes to meet daily needs. There are certain similarities between daily vegetable washing and people's bathing. It also requires switching between large and small water flows. A faucet with a shower-type strong water output mode is more convenient and quick to rinse fruits and vegetables, as well as dishes.

· Whether it can be pulled down

For modern kitchens, pull-out faucets have become standard options, and pull-out kitchen faucets greatly increase the coverage of the water flow. It is even more convenient to hold the faucet to rinse the sink and small utensils.

Styling - the simpler the better

Try to choose a faucet with a simple shape and smooth appearance, which will be more worry-free in daily care.

There are many kinds of materials for faucets, and it is necessary to choose a faucet that is healthy and environmentally friendly and has a long service life.

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