When you come out of the shower, the towel is still the same wet towel from the last shower? Enough? Then buying a towel rail might solve your problem.

Towel rails have come in all shapes and sizes since the advent of towels. Whether it's a family bathroom, a single bathroom or a guest toilet, you'll want to dry the towels in each bathroom. Towel rack hooks or towel rack rings are very popular for their space-saving properties. However, towel rails in the form of loops or hooks are not particularly suitable for large bath towels because wet bath towels cannot dry properly due to their narrow hanging. There are a variety of towel racks that can help dry large towels better and can often create order in a bathroom without taking up too much space. Find out which towel rail is best for your bathroom or guest toilet.

Towel racks come in many shapes, designs, materials, colors and sizes. There are towel racks for stacking or stacking rolled towels. This towel rack is especially useful for guest bathrooms. However, most towel racks are designed in such a way that the towels are spread out as far as possible to be able to release moisture again.

Which towel rack is right for my bathroom? Just answer the 10 points below and you'll be one step closer to finding the right towel rack model.

1. Which towels do you want to accommodate?

Depending on the towels you want to store, you will need different spaces. You should know whether the towel rack should be used for guest towels, regular towels or bath or sauna towels. You should pay special attention to the size of the hanging area to find the right size for the right towel.

2. How many people in the family need towel rails?

The truth is that a family of several people needs more towels than, say, one family. Just observe how much space you actually need for your towels in your daily life.

3. What does your bathroom look like?

Of course, small old architectural bathrooms don't have as much space as the new generation's spacious family bathrooms. A towel rack for sauna towels may not be the right choice for a guest bathroom.
Pull-out or fold-out models can be quickly stowed away to save space when no longer needed, making them ideal for small bathrooms. In larger bathrooms, you can certainly think generously. Freestanding towel rails or towel ladders can be used as decorative elements to create order and give bathroom living space character.

4. Need an electric towel rail?

Warm, fluffy towels are great after a bath or shower. But you don't have a towel radiator that can heat or dry your towels? We know the solution! Whether hung on the wall or freestanding. The electric towel rail warms your towels comfortably and dries quickly after use.

5. Do you need extra space like a shelf or more hooks?

Small bathtub? Do you need extra storage space? There are several practical systems equipped with extra shelves and/or extra hooks on the sides.

6. Which material do you prefer?

The choice of material is a matter of taste. Of course, the towel rack should match your bathroom and bathroom furniture. The most common materials for towel racks are stainless steel, wood, plexiglass, bamboo and plastic.

7. How should the towel rack be installed?

Don't want to drill or grout your bathroom tiles?
no problem! Just switch to one of the other fastening systems: choose between hook, glue, clamp, freestanding or vacuum cups. Many models of towel rails can be easily installed without drilling holes.

8. Should towel racks be retractable?

Pull-out towel rails are very practical, especially for large bath towels. However, not everyone has this feature.

9. Towel rail on the washbasin?

Another good solution is to install a towel rail over the washbasin. One or more towels also come in different designs. The washbasin's towel rail is simply attached to the washbasin itself. So the hand towel always has a fixed position and no holes need to be drilled for it. Of course, you can also find some models that match the bathroom furniture collection in our online store.

10. How is your bathroom furniture?

Should towel rails match the style of your bathroom furniture or be used as a style element? Both have their advantages.

We hope these ten points have helped you find the right towel rack for you.

Towel rails are a practical and cool element in the bathroom that can make your everyday life easier. However, not every towel rack is right for every bathroom. Here, you need to find the right towel rack that functions perfectly for you. If you have any questions about towel rails or other products in our online store, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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