Shower heads have become a necessity in every family, but how much do you know about shower heads? Although it has brought convenience to countless families, many people still lack knowledge of such things as the installation process. Today we will introduce common sense when installing shower heads.

1. How to install the shower head?

First of all, pay attention to the choice of the installation location. Avoid using shower heads in visible places such as windows or doors to ensure hiding. The second is to pay attention to the identification of the water outlet. The standard shower head's water outlet is cold on the left and cold on the right, and the two ends are each identified by color markings. Red means hot water and blue means cold water. Please make sure to do this twice during the installation. Recognition. The third is to pay attention to the installation height. The shower head is shared by the family. During installation, it is necessary to consider the height of family members to determine the appropriate installation height.

2. How to install the shower overhead shower?

Before installing, first, find the correct position of the eccentric head and then connect it to the outlet pipe. The distance between the two must be firmly recorded, usually a distance of 15-20 cm. Second, assemble and connect the shower main body and water outlet hose. During the assembly process, the raw material tape is wound onto the thread interface to prevent future water leakage. Then the nozzle is connected to the water outlet and fastened with screws. Next, connect the nozzle rod and faucet together, then install them on the eccentric joint. After installation, check the seal between the nut behind the faucet and the eccentric head and make sure it is sealed. Finally, install the sprinkler, install it on top of the shower rod, and connect the main body of the faucet to the shower head with a stainless steel hose to form collusion. After you have completed all of the steps you can try it out, check the seal of each connection and make sure no water leaks. If there is a problem, please revise it and make adjustments in a timely manner.

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