Automatic faucet induction faucet is easy to use, water-saving and hygienic, so more and more public bathrooms are installing induction faucets. Choosing the right sensor tap can not only save water but also prevent cross-infection of various bacteria and viruses such as children's hand, foot and mouth disease, SARS, swine flu, etc. What is the functional principle of the sensor tap? How do I buy a car faucet? Let's take a look at the selection guide for sensor taps.

The functional principle of the automatic sensor tap is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When a person's hand is placed in the infrared range of the faucet, the infrared light emitted by the infrared emission tube is reflected from the infrared to the infrared receiving tube, and the signal is sent through the microcomputer in the integrated circuit. For the pulse solenoid valve, the solenoid valve receives the signal and then opens the control piston according to the specified command to control the water output of the faucet. If the human hand leaves the infrared detection area, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal and the solenoid valve piston is reset by the internal spring. Check the water cut off the faucet.

How to choose an induction faucet?

1. Take the sensor faucet to see the faucet operation: the appearance is scratch-free, chrome-plated, cast brass, inexpensive sensor faucet, the weight of the chrome and the body of the faucet can pass the salt spray test for 24 hours, the weight is about four more than 100 grams and good sensor faucet manufacturers have more than 500 grams in terms of faucet weight control, which can pass 48-hour salt spray test, and faucet has a long service life.

2. The infrared sensor part is sealed with epoxy resin or moisture-proof, the connector is waterproof, and the circuit is controlled by a single-chip, low-power-consumption microcomputer, which can withstand light interference and not a malfunction. The detection distance can be set using the remote control. The manual setting makes the circuit board slightly damp and the detection distance becomes shorter, which affects normal use. The automatic gap adjustment technology is immature, and the gap is getting shorter due to discoloration. The remote control makes the product more user-friendly.

3. The solenoid valve part of the sensor faucet has good waterproof performance. Since it is installed under the sink for a long time and the machine gets wet, it leads to poor contact and breakdown of the machine. The minimum solenoid valve life should meet the industry implementation standard (more than 150,000 times).

4. When buying an induction faucet, you should try to choose a qualified manufacturer who specializes in the manufacture of induction faucets, as more than 90% of induction faucets are outsourced to professional plumbing factories and not the same as the domestic ones in terms of quality, customer service and price Sensor tap industry are satisfied. Lack of Brands and Leading Brands When many customers choose sanitary ware brands as the reference standard, they mostly recognize sanitary ware brands, strive for consistency in brand selection, and often lack product accessories and professional maintenance in the later period.

5. Buy sensor faucets and check out the customer service features: Don't trust the promise too much to ensure that some manufacturers and companies promise 5-year tax exemption to drive sales and customer attention at low prices irritate. The company's own development takes less than 2 years In a year when product quality problems or products are over-guaranteed, customers will be charged maintenance costs and the three-part guideline related to the product has not been followed. Many users' consumer rights cannot be guaranteed.

Advantages of the non-contact sensor bathroom faucet:

1. Why is the non-contact bathroom sensor tap efficient and water-saving? Since the water output of the pressure tap cannot be controlled and the induction tap can effectively save more than 30% water, the water-saving rate of the induction tap can even reach more than 60%, for example, 0.5 s Significant water savings.

2. The non-contact bathroom sensor tap is more hygienic than the conventional faucet. Since the switch water is controlled by a sensor, human hands do not have to touch each other, avoiding bacterial contamination caused by touching the faucet again after washing your hands. If you wash dishes in the kitchen and you touch the faucet handle with a hand full of bubbles, the bubbles will remain, even the oil will not be removed from the faucet, and the kitchen itself is very heavy, causing stains on the kitchen faucet and thereby reducing stains. The kitchen is hygienic.

3. Use two 5 # batteries. You do not need to replace the batteries within a year of normal use. The AC power supply is used directly by the 220V power supply.

4. Built-in filter to prevent dirt from entering the solenoid valve. Easy to clean, beautiful appearance, easy to install.

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