How to Install a Pop-Up Sink Drain?

Types of drain from sinks.

  • Drain with ejector lever The drain with ejector lever has a plug and a lever that can be activated by pulling up the lever on the back of the tap. The lift rod is attached to the drain under the sink and lifts and closes the drain cover.
  • Pressure drain and seal drain Pressure drain and seal drain are also called a pop-up drain, which is easy to use and install. Simply push the drain cover to activate the ejection mechanism.
  • Rotary drain device the rotary drain device sometimes referred to as a reciprocating rotation device, is characterized by a small handle for manually lifting the drain cover. Like pressure drains and sealed drains, these drains are very easy to install and have no function under the chassis mechanism.

The characteristics of the drain device of the sink.

  • With popup opening
  • Durable brass structure
  • Standard size water pipe
  • Potty with overflow
  • You can unscrew the top for cleaning

How to buy the right sink drain?

For sinks without a drain, finding a sink is usually the final step in a bathroom renovation. Although there are a variety of sink drainage devices to choose from, the right sink drain device should match your bathroom style in order to add the perfect finishing touch to the bathroom. Please follow a few simple guidelines to make sure you find the correct drain.
Pop-Up Drain

1. Measure the sink.

The sink drain must match the drain on your sink in order for it to function properly. Measure the openings to make sure the drain size is correct or see the manufacturer's instructions that came with the sink as these should indicate the appropriate drain size. Most drain holes are 1/4 inches, although common sizes are 1/2 inches and 5/8 inches.

Measure the drainpipe at the threaded portion of the drainpipe (this is the part that goes through the sink and countertop). The standard sinkhole is 1½ inches in diameter and can accommodate most drain holes. This information is listed for drainage products.

2. Select "Pop up" or "Raster Function".

The sink drain is a pop-up drain or grid drain. The difference is that the pop-up drain can be closed to allow water to pool in the sink. The mesh drain pipe has small holes that cannot be closed so it always drains.

Pop-up drains are usually opened and closed by levers behind the sink faucet, although some drains have levers in other locations as well. When you need to fill the sink with water, these types of drains come in very handy. The advantage of grid drains, however, is that small holes only let water through, while grid drains can capture larger things, preventing clogging.

3. Complement the style of the sink.

Choose a drain pipe that compliments the drain groove to ensure your bathroom looks stylish. This does not mean that the drain pipe has to match the sink and faucet. In fact, drainpipes of different materials or surfaces usually work well as sink decorations.

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