Taking a bath is an indispensable part of the daily life of modern people these days. The importance of bathing for modern people lies not only in the protection of personal hygiene but also in connection with consumption improvements. Bathing comfort is also related to people's quality of life. As a pioneer of national sanitary ware, Rbrohant sanitary ware strives to improve people's quality of life. Rbrohant thermostatic shower protects the bathing quality of modern life.

The quality of a good shower system starts with a good shower, high-quality materials, a smooth water system, long-lasting function at a constant temperature and precise settings for temperature control. The Rbrohant thermostatic shower head with its comprehensive and excellent quality stands out from similar products and offers consumers an exceptional bathing experience.

Demanding materials, the quality basis of casting.

The shower treats the water every day. The residual water stains on the surface of the shower set not only affect the life of the shower but are also harmful to health and affect the beauty of the house. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Whether the shower material is good is the basis for the quality of the shower.

Rbrohant thermostatic shower head is made of copper and chrome and is made by gravity casting technology. Exquisite metal structure and exquisite craftsmanship. The deeper meaning is that high-quality electroplating can better protect the copper body, improve the shower's corrosion resistance, and extend its service life. In addition, it has a good galvanic surface, which can really avoid water residue, reduce bacterial growth and ensure hygienic quality.

Water and oxygen mix to create the feeling of rain.

Whether the water is pleasant and smooth is an important factor for bathing quality. To allow the water to flow better, the Rbrohant thermostatic shower is equipped with a 1.5mm plugging hole, there is no dust and dust hidden, and the flow rate of a single water outlet is also larger. Combined with the air-type wastewater treatment technology, water and atmospheric oxygen are thoroughly mixed like spring rain. When you take a bath with aerobic water, the blood flow to the human brain during the shower is quieter than during a normal shower, and the brain is more relaxed. The water is smooth, the flow of water is soft and fresh, and the shower experience redefines the quality of life in the bathroom.

Intelligent constant temperature, skincare.

The temperature of the shower water is easily affected by the water pressure caused by the cold and heat. However, this is inevitable in a population with a large population and a dense living environment. The Rbrohant thermostatic shower uses a sophisticated thermostatic valve core to achieve a smart constant temperature which correctly solves the problem of too high and too low water temperature. The sensitive storage alloy uses a rotating valve stem to adjust the amount of water, the water pressure changes, and the movement of the ceramic piston controls the ratio of cold and hot water to adjust the water temperature to a suitable temperature. If the cold water suddenly stops, the ceramic plunger will also move up, cutting off the hot water and preventing the hot water from scalding the skin.
Intelligent constant temperature, care of the skin, ensuring health and safety. This is the adherence to the concept of the "human bathroom" for sanitary articles and an expression of the improvement in the quality of life in the sanitary area.

Precise temperature control, temperature control.

As the bathing time changes, the human body feels different, and so does the need for water temperature. Whether the shower can achieve precise temperature control can also be measured by the quality of the bathtub. The Rbrohant thermostatic shower uses a gear structure to create a precise temperature-controlled thermostatic handwheel so that each revolution of the temperature-controlled handwheel reaches a certain temperature, avoiding the situation that the general temperature control handle cannot be accurately controlled. Temperature. When the handwheel of the thermostat is turned, the pointer on the temperature controller points to the corresponding scale value, which provides an intuitive operating scene and makes it more pleasant to use.

Bathing is not only a daily activity to maintain personal hygiene, but also a quality of life for people and a high-quality bathing life for themselves and their families. This is respect for health and life. Start a new bathing experience and share the Rbrohant bathroom with you.

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