When choosing and buying kitchen faucets, you can judge the quality of the cartridge by repeatedly turning on and off the faucet handle. With two fingers clamping the handle of the faucet up and down gently move around, more flexible without a sense of looseness or resistance, the quality of the cartridge is generally better. The quality of the cartridge can be clearly distinguished over a period of time. Even if the good cartridge has been used for many years, the operation is still very smooth, while after the poor cartridge is used for a period of time, after the lubricating oil between the cartridge is used up, the faucet handle is not smooth. One of the brands that do well in the cartridge is RBROHANT, RBROHANT black kitchen faucets with the imported ceramic cartridge, and the use of unique technology, greatly improving the accuracy of faucet control, and smooth operation.


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