How to Choose the Best Shower Set?

We offer a wide range of shower sets to delight your eyes. In some cases, the shower kits seem to be slightly different from each other due to subtle differences. So how do you find a shower set that you love for a long time and that fits perfectly into your bathroom?
Shower Set

1. Design

It's all about the details! Note the shape of existing or desired objects. Does your washbasin, bathroom faucet or toilet have round or square edges? Is the design very linear, classic or circular? After taking a close look at the design, we recommend that you choose the right shape for your shower kit. Because when we first walk into your bathroom, our subconscious mind tells us if the room looks harmonious. Therefore, if you pay attention to these details when choosing, you can ensure that the overall picture is coherent. Rbrohant offers you different design options for all situations.

2. Space requirements and dimensions

For all shower sets, you can find technical drawings with all relevant dimensions on the relevant product page. Pay special attention to the width and height of the shower set. Depending on the height of the connection, the overall height of the shower set also changes. For best results, the overhead shower should not be too close to the ceiling. Of course, you shouldn't forget your height so as not to get in the way of enjoying the shower.

3. Connection method

There are various connection options depending on needs and requirements. Thermostats can offer decisive advantages compared to single-lever mixers. These include constant water temperature, water conservation and regulating water pressure. If you already have a shower thermostat or single-lever mixer installed and are reluctant to replace it, you can also use a universal connection. This gives you the option to continue using your existing connection to reduce cost and installation effort.

Care & cleaning of shower sets.

A new shower set turns your shower into a small oasis of well-being and a retreat that you want to enjoy. The joy of it should be resisted for a long time and so the question arises for everyone "How do I keep my shower or my new shower set clean in the long term?".

In order to really bring your shower set to a high gloss, you need care products and utensils that protect the materials and reliably remove dirt and limescale deposits. We recommend the use of gentle cleaning agents for this, as aggressive or "sharp" cleaning and scouring agents cause unsightly scratches. These scratches in turn offer lime and dirt ideal surfaces for attack and thus prevent the long-term preservation of your shower set. Also, rinse off fresh soap and dirt residue immediately, using soft cloths such as leather rags or sponge cloths.

You should never spray cleaner directly onto the shower set. Also, under no circumstances should you use cleaners that contain acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, formic acid or sodium hypochlorite. For particularly stubborn deposits, we recommend a special professional cleaner that gently and reliably removes even heavy residues.

Many of our customers also wonder how sensitive the chrome-plated surfaces are. Basically, these surfaces are specially made for their respective purpose or use. Limescale deposits, however, cannot be avoided. Therefore, use special (commercially available), non-aggressive shower and bathroom cleaners here as well.

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