6 Mistakes to Avoid While Taking a Bath in the Bathtub

Taking a bath in the bathtub gives us a few minutes to relax and is good for us. Especially after a long and tiring day at work, taking a bath is the best choice.

But there are also some things that can go wrong with a bath in the bathtub.

Now that you are reading this blog post, the following 6 bathing mistakes will no longer happen to you in the future!
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1. You bathe too hot

Sound crazy? But it's a fact!
Bathing that is too hot is not a wellness trick, but rather harmful to the skin! The skin dries out if the bath is too hot. Burns and circulatory problems can also be the result of bathing that is too hot.
A water temperature of 38° C is ideal for taking a relaxing break in the bathtub.
Before stepping into the bath, you should always check the temperature with your fingers.

2. Your bathtub is not clean

Before you fill the water in the bathtub, you should check that the bathtub is clean. You can clean your bathtub with a cleaning brush and a mixture of water and some detergent. You should clean your bathtub immediately after bathing, especially if you frequently use bath additives.

TIP: With a few candles and some relaxing music, your wellness moment in the bathtub will be perfect!

3. You bathe too long

The skin has a natural protective film that protects you. If the skin comes into contact with water, this is always a challenge for the skin, as the natural protective film is washed off. The result is that the skin can dry out. In order not to strain the protective film too much, the bath should not go longer than 15-20 minutes. An additional side effect is that the effects of bath additives also work during this time.

In order to soothe your skin after bathing, it is advisable to apply a body lotion to the still damp skin after bathing in order to resupply the body with the moisture it has lost.

4. Use a bacteria-laden bath sponge

Bath sponges not only feel good on the skin, but they also help to remove old dandruff from the skin. So bath sponges have their place. However, you should make sure that you rinse the bath sponge with clear water after use and hang it up to dry well. Waterlogging in the sponge is a hotel for unwanted bacteria and mold. Therefore, you should replace bath sponges regularly.

5. Take a shower after you eat

The digestion of meals and groceries costs the body energy and effort. In combination with a bath in the bathtub and the associated effects on the body, this can lead to circulatory problems. And you want to do something good for your body with a bath. Eat after the bath in a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Then the evening is perfect.

6. You don't let your towel dry properly

Towels, like the aforementioned bath sponges, are also susceptible to bacteria. To prevent a lot of bacteria from building up in your towels, you should always hang up your towel after drying and let it dry well. You should also change your towel after 3 days at the latest.

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