Drill-Free Bathroom Accessories

Everyone agrees that the trend is towards gluing! It goes without saying that today's customers are asking more and more about bathroom accessories for gluing due to the numerous advantages. Here you can find out what advantages there are, how exactly the assembly works without drilling and what needs to be considered.

How exactly does "without drilling" work and what is the difference from conventional assembly?

Accessories that are offered for gluing have a back plate, which is located on the back of the wall mount. Conventional bathroom accessories also have this small back plate, but a normal backplate has too little contact surface for a special adhesive. Therefore, the back plates are designed larger for all accessories for gluing. In contrast to wall mounting, you do not need any screws with this method. As a rule, screws and dowels are used for "fixed" installation, which means that you first have to drill into the tile or the joint. This is annoying, especially in new bathrooms or rented apartments, as the tiles are "damaged". In addition, with a traditional assembly of your bathroom hardware sets, you more or less dictate the space forever, as moving the products will reveal the previously drilled holes. And this is exactly where the assembly with a special adhesive has a great advantage. You remain flexible with the arrangement! Because of the possibility to remove all accessories without leaving any residue, you can choose a new place if necessary. Also of interest to you: after installation with an adhesive set, there are no discernible differences compared to the same variant without adhesive!
Drill-Free Bathroom Accessories
Accessories for gluing are therefore particularly suitable for:
  • Rental apartments.
  • All those who do not want to damage their (possibly new) tiles.
  • All those who prefer quick and easy assembly.
  • All those who don't want to or can't drill.
  • All those who want to remain flexible when arranging their accessories.

Are there different methods and adhesive sets?

Depending on the manufacturer, the procedure may differ slightly. However, the basic principle is the same for all manufacturers of adhesive sets. The performance of the special adhesive is also similar for all manufacturers.

Which items can I glue?

With most manufacturers, the entire accessory series is suitable for gluing, which is also marked accordingly. This means that you can basically glue all accessories. From the towel holder to a soap dispenser to towel hooks or glass shelves, everything is included! In some cases, there are also individual shower baskets, which are also offered specifically for assembly without drilling. In individual cases, it is not advisable to use a special adhesive for attachment, as the adhesive may be subjected to excessive loads. This can be the case, for example, with bath handles or large bath towel holders.

How exactly does "without drilling" assembly work?

Basically, all adhesive sets come with detailed assembly instructions in the packaging. The necessary utensils, for example for mixing the adhesive, are also included in the packaging. So you usually don't need any additional tools.

Installation method:
  • Thoroughly clean the area where the product is to be applied.
  • Mix the glue or putty.
  • Apply the glue to the back plate.
  • Firmly press the backplate into the desired location.
  • Leave to dry for about 24 hours.
  • Screw the product to the back plate using the set of screws provided.
  • Mount screw cover.

Can I really remove the accessories without leaving any residue?

Yes! All manufacturers state that self-adhesive accessories can be removed without leaving any residue. With pliers, you can remove the backing plate and scrape off the remaining adhesive from the tile with a spatula, for example. If there are still small residues, you can remove them with a cleaning solvent and cloth, among other things.

How many kilograms of load can accessories withstand without drilling?

In principle, the information can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. As a rule, loads of 15 kg to 20 kg are given. This means that the adhesive can withstand all the usual loads in everyday life.

Other tips and tricks.

In any case, you should only use the appropriate adhesive sets from the respective manufacturer and not resort to adhesives from other manufacturers. For an optimal result and a good hold of the special adhesive, you should also strictly observe the drying times. In addition, it is necessary for the ideal function that you clean the substrate accordingly before installation. The surface must be clean, free of grease and dry. Appropriate cleaning cloths and other utensils are included with most adhesive sets. The given substrate is also important.

The adhesive adheres well to rough and smooth surfaces:
  • Tile (avoid seams)
  • Cement
  • Glass
Adhesion to the following surfaces is not recommended:
  • Wallpaper, plaster and colored surfaces
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