The Benefits of Thermostatic Shower Faucets for Bathing

Families looking for more comfort in the bathroom prefer to opt for a thermostatic faucet. Note that this type of shower faucet offers exact temperature regulation. In addition, the thermostatic shower faucet perfectly meets the expectations of households looking to optimize their water consumption. If you are hesitant to choose the ideal tap for your shower, we invite you to discover the different advantages of thermostatic shower faucets.
Thermostatic Shower Faucet

What is a thermostatic shower faucet?

In recent years, thermostatic shower faucets have become increasingly popular in homes. It is designed to increase user comfort while adding a touch of modernity to the bathroom. However, it must be admitted that this device is still foreign to some people. Hence the need for this article.

The thermostatic shower faucet is an improved version of the classic faucet. Thanks to the integrated thermostatic cartridge, the temperature is automatically regulated during the shower. So you no longer have to fumble to find the ideal temperature. All you have to do is tell the shower faucet what temperature you want.

By choosing a thermostatic shower faucet, you can benefit from high-end bathroom fixtures. It has a body with central control. With the latter, you can turn on the tap water and regulate the temperature and flow rate of the water delivered by the thermostatic faucet. When installing, you can either embed it in the wall or mount it directly on the shower screen.

Operation of the thermostatic shower faucet.

The operation of the thermostatic shower faucet is not complicated. After the user triggers the central control, the cold water is mixed with the hot water. In seconds, you have water at the desired temperature. The risk of scalding is virtually zero, as the shower faucet will stop immediately in case the cold water in the home is suddenly interrupted.

Thermostatic shower faucet with dual controls. One for flow and the other for temperature regulation. Remember, with the thermostatic shower faucet, there is only one command. This results in a lot of water consumption and a high risk of scalding.

For thermostatic shower faucets, the temperature controller is equipped with a scale for precise measurements. Additionally, the stopper set at 38°C prevents the risk of burns. As for flow control, it comes with a restrictor that prevents water waste.

Why choose a thermostatic shower faucet?

The reason why the thermostatic shower faucet can attract more and more people is due to its many incomparable advantages.

Security provided

The shower faucet is equipped with a 38°C stop function that limits the temperature provided by the thermostat. Therefore, your child is not at risk. In some models, the stop temperature is limited to 40°C. Thus, you can allow your child to wash himself independently without constant supervision. If the water flow in the house drops momentarily, the temperature will always remain at the same level.

Also, don't forget that thermostatic shower faucets use a technology called "cold body". This keeps the body temperature of the shower faucet constant regardless of the water temperature. So you don't risk burning yourself if your skin touches the shower faucet.

Unparalleled comfort

The comfort offered by thermostatic shower faucets is absolutely unmatched. No more waiting minutes to get the ideal temperature. Everything is done in seconds with impressive precision. This is a better option for maximum relaxation during the shower.

Save a lot of money

Not only will you avoid wasting water, but you will also save even more energy. This will have a positive impact on your monthly bill. Note that the restrictor will keep the water flow constant.

How to choose your thermostatic shower faucet?

In order to take full advantage of the shower faucet, you must consider various criteria. In terms of design, you can choose from different finishes: chrome, matt, brushed, or polished. Also, don't forget to choose a thermostatic shower faucet with WRAS certification. This is a guarantee of reliability.

RBROHANT RB0844 Thermostatic Shower Faucet.

This RB0844 thermostatic shower faucet is one of the most popular models on the market, thanks to its extreme reliability. In fact, this thermostatic shower faucet comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Thanks to the comfortable stop at 40°C, you can avoid the risk of scalding your child. also, made of brushed gold brass, this shower faucet has impeccable resistance. You will no longer be afraid of the limestone traces eroding your sanitary equipment. Not to mention the chemicals have no effect on this shower faucet. From now on, with this RB0844 thermostatic shower faucet, cleaning will no longer be a chore. With its simple and refined design, this shower faucet can perfectly adapt to all required styles. Whether you want retro, classic, or modern style, this model won't let you down. Adjustments can be made precisely regardless of the pressure or temperature of the water.
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