As summer gets hotter, installing a garden shower is a great way to keep the temperature down while avoiding soiling your interior or bathroom. Outdoor showers are a practical pleasure with a touch of comfort. Whether you have a swimming pool or not, or whether you have a beach house, there are sure to be plenty of outdoor vacations and fresh air this summer! But how do install an outdoor shower and which shower system to choose?

The main criteria for choosing an outdoor shower.

The first criterion is the portability of the shower: it starts with a choice between stationary or mobile garden showers. Fixed showers are more suitable for permanent installation on selected exteriors.

On the other hand, mobile showers can be used while traveling, especially in summer, but not only. In fact, it's also practical when you want to change its position in the garden to shower and use the space in a different way, or when the outdoor shower season is over and you prefer to put it away.

Another important criterion is the shower's hot water supply system: in the end, it's just a choice between a shower with a solar collector or a non-solar shower. As the use of renewable energy sources becomes more common, there are more and more models of outdoor showers equipped with solar-heated water tanks. This allows you to drink warm water, weather permitting, of course. This is a way to save electricity and optimize energy consumption.

On the other hand, there are simpler models that don't have a solar hot water supply system but can still be hooked up to a water heater to get the right temperature. However, be aware of the additional energy costs this installation may incur.

The material of the shower system is also important in the final selection of equipment. It makes the shower possible and then blends harmoniously with the exterior style.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is also recommended that you choose a shower that is durable in material and adapted to climatic conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a shower made of brushed stainless steel, which is very resistant to damage caused by salt, such as corrosion, for houses in marine areas. Zinc alloys are ideal for places that are often weathered.

In the end, as with any other purchase in any category, range and price determine the choice of an outdoor shower. If all of the above criteria are important, then it is also necessary to know your budget to choose your equipment.

Depending on the range and model, the price can be quite different: the price of two models can be doubled, and in other cases, the price can be multiplied by six or seven. So it's quite possible to spend $200 on a shower at the supermarket, while a professional manufacturer can easily increase the price to over $2000.

Install an outdoor shower.

Installing an outdoor shower usually requires putting together a kit and surround, according to the model-specific instructions. Hence, it is a fairly simple and easy-to-use device to install at home.

Regardless of the type of shower, however, there are two basic elements to consider that can be more complex to integrate, namely: the water inlet and the evacuation.

If you don't already have an external water supply, preliminary shower installation is required. Your shower must be able to connect to water, such as through an outdoor faucet. Therefore, to install a shower, the plumbing constraints in the home will determine its location. In other words, the degree of work is closely related to the distance between the shower and the water supply.

If the arrival of the water is important, the drainage of the water is equally important. In the case of intensive use of the shower, especially with shampoo and soap, a connection to the house's wastewater discharge must be established. However, if the outdoor shower is used frequently or quickly, it may be sufficient to install a water flow system from the shower to the drain point.

Finally, it is generally recommended that you install your outdoor shower away from flower beds or plants, but in a sunny area of ​​the garden.

In conclusion, install an outdoor shower and you can spend quality time in the garden enjoying the sun with friends or family. After a trip to the pool or the ocean, what could be better than installing an outdoor shower at home to cool off or rinse off?

When making the choice, the following main criteria need to be considered: the portability of the shower (fixed or mobile), the hot water supply system (solar shower or not), and the material of manufacture (stainless steel, zinc alloy), the range and price. Design elements (faucets, showers, shower heads, etc.) also need to be considered.

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