Upgrading and Renovating Your Bathroom

Planning a modern and functional bathroom design is a major challenge for many people today. After all, you need to feel comfortable in your own bathroom. A beautiful shower system has a major impact on well-being and the soul.

Shower systems are available in different materials and colors, impeccable in bathroom design. Whether the shower system you buy is chrome or all stainless steel is a matter of personal preference. Not only are shower systems available in a variety of designs for your showering experience, but you should also ask yourself the question of which hand and overhead shower is best for you. Large, small, square, round or oval, with or without massage jets, waterfall function and rain shower, you name it. You should not only be guided by looks, but also by what is good for you. You can replace the hand shower and floating overhead shower at any time if necessary.

The shower head guides and shapes the water flow while showering. The product range ranges from classic hand showers to overhead and side showers to pre-installed shower panels, which can be tailored to your preferences in different combinations.

Hand shower

Hand showers are often used with a flexible shower hose and can be converted into a height-adjustable overhead shower with a shower rail. Many hand showers have different spray types. You can choose between normal, massage, soft and single jet. Water jets are enriched with air and thus become harder or softer. For example, hand showers are great for washing dogs and children, or for filling cleaning buckets. Multi-Function Handheld Shower

Shower head

A showerhead is permanently installed on a wall and/or on the ceiling above your head. These don't have as many jet types as hand showers. The so-called rain shower or waterfall feature, which makes you feel like you are on summer vacation, is very welcome. But lately, built-in LEDs that appear to color water have also become popular. The height of the resident is important here. Therefore, the height-adjustable shower head bracket is suitable for multi-person households. Ceiling Mounted Shower Head

Side shower

Side showers are not solo and are often combined with hand showers and/or overhead showers. They are often found in shower systems, especially shower panels. Mounted on or against a wall, their main task is to spray water from one side of the showerer's upper body. Most side showers can be swiveled flexibly in the desired direction via a ball joint. Ceiling Shower Head With 6 Body Sprays

If you opt for an overhead shower or a hand shower, you can choose from a variety of spray types and patterns. On the one hand, there are showers, with a touch of the tropics. The many small nozzles spout extra soft droplets that should remind you of light summer rain. Rain showers are designed for relaxation. Therefore, the shower head is particularly large, ensuring that not only the head and shoulders but also the whole body will be wet by water.

The waterfall shower is the gorgeous sister of the rain shower. As the name suggests, water doesn't come out of the shower head in droplets like rain, but in strong gushes. A positive side effect of a waterfall shower is the massaging effect. This waterfall jet is mainly found in concealed showers. The shower head is mounted on the bathroom ceiling above the bathtub or shower.

Massage jet types are basically wispy, slightly stiffer jets that come out of the shower head or from the side of the shower panel. This massages the back and neck. If you want a truly stimulating shower experience that engages all your senses, the Intensive Massage Mist is perfect for you.

If you prefer the classic, we recommend the normal jet type, which can spray water over a large area and evenly wet you and provide you with the best cleaning results.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider for a new showerhead, but it is worth taking the time to plan because a showerhead that is tailored to your needs will pay off in the long run. If you have any questions about Rbrohant products, please feel free to contact us. We are always available for help and advice.

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