Bathroom Accessories to Meet Various Needs

One of the most important tasks when renovating a bathroom is installing the right bathroom fixtures. The bathroom is where personal hygiene is, so it's no surprise that we have most of our bathroom accessories in this room. Above all, washbasin accessories, bath and shower accessories and bidet accessories play an important role in the bathroom that cannot be underestimated.

Bathroom accessories are the elements in the bathroom that we most want to have a long service life. We are exposed to the elements every day, so their robustness and stability are very important. For this reason, these are the only elements that can be moved and disassembled when we renovate the bathroom.

Accessories are more than taps for washbasins or showers. Hand showers and overhead showers or shower hoses in showers, bidet nozzles, as well as thermostats, flushometers, valves and similar bathroom components are part of the bathroom accessories.

Bathroom faucets should not only be durable, but also practical and beautiful. As your complete bathroom outfitter, Rbrohant offers you the most beautiful bathroom accessories that not only provide optimum comfort but also complement the design of the bathroom. For these add-ons, you'll find bathroom accessories in a variety of styles and designs. In our product range, there are bathroom accessories in all shapes from classic to modern, such as round and geometric shapes.
Bathroom Sink Faucet

Multitasking shower accessories in the shower area

Do you need elegant and functional accessories for your shower area? Then we recommend you high-quality bathroom sets from well-known manufacturers. For example, you can turn your shower area into a corner of paradise with a shower system set.

The shower system consists of a shower bar, rain shower, side shower, overhead or hand shower and a shower hose. If this faucet works with the help of a thermostat, you can preset the water temperature according to your needs. Whether you want a shower mixer for concealed or exposed installation, you won't miss a single one from our wide range of products.

Accessories for bathtubs are also available in different styles and finishes for better comfort. You have bathtub faucets in exposed and concealed versions, wall-mounted and floor-mounted in different styles.

If you have a large bathroom with a bidet, you should opt for a practical bidet mixer or bidet sprayer. At Rbrohant you'll find these accessories with a variety of functions. A very important bathroom accessory for those who have a thermostatic shower system in the bathroom. These accessories act as temperature controllers and ensure that the water temperature remains constant.
3-Function Hand Shower
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