1. Do not apply excessive force to the switch tap. Even conventional fittings can be tightened without much effort. In particular, do not use the handle as support or armrest.

2. The shower head metal hose of the bathtub faucet should be kept stretched naturally. Do not wrap it around the faucet when not in use. At the same time, be careful not to create a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the valve body when not in use, to avoid damaging or damaging the hose.

3. If the water pressure is not less than 0.02mpa (0.2kgf/cm2) after a period of time and it is found that the amount of water is reduced or even the water heater is turned off, it can be carefully placed at the outlet of the faucet. Gently unscrew the screen cover to remove debris that can usually be recovered.

4. When installing, the faucet should try to avoid collision with hard objects. Do not leave cement, glue, etc. on the surface, so as not to damage the surface coating. Before installing the faucet, carefully remove dirt from the pipe.

Brushed Gold Faucet for Basin Lavatory

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