1. Early preparation

Before installing the faucet, make sure the support is complete and the installation tool is ready. Common faucet accessories include hoses, grommets, showers, decorative covers, and more. You should be familiar with the use and order of each part to allow for quick faucet installation.

2. Installation

Before installing the faucet, please clean the water pipe, drain the water to remove the impurities in the pipe, install impurities in the opening, etc., and insist that the accessories included in the package contain impurities in order to avoid blocking the valve core during the installation process.

3. Waterfall faucet installation method

The installation method of each faucet is similar, but the accessories of different faucet models are not the same. Therefore, you need to know how to use the different accessories. When installing the waterfall faucet, pay attention to the installation of the hot and cold water pipes and coil.

4. Left hot water right cold water

When taking over, remember that the hot water pipe is on the left and the cold water pipe is on the right. The distance between the two is 100-200mm. After attaching the inlet pipe connection, remove the faucet and wait until the wall mud is completely used up before installing the faucet. So that the surface coating is not sanded.

5. Wall-mounted faucet installation

Before you buy a wall faucet, you need to know the relationship between the size of the water pipe and the wall faucet. Reserve enough space for installation, because wall installation is more complicated and requires proper planning. Once installed, it is generally difficult to make changes. Although wall-mounted faucets are very popular today. If you buy a wall faucet that won't install, you need to look for a professional installer.

6. Single-hole faucet

For single-hole washbasin faucets, special angle valves must be selected during installation. The angle valve must be attached to the hot and cold water lines of the wall outlet. If there is a gap between the angle valve and the water pipe on the faucet, you need to buy a special water pipe to extend it. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, the part can be cut as needed. If the angle is not suitable, bend it to the desired position as needed.

7. Shower, bathtub faucet installation

If it's a wall-mounted faucet, you need to choose the right height to bury the water pipe. The distance between the hot and cold water pipes is at least 20 cm. If it is a concealed faucet, the faucet sluice should be recessed into the wall. Pay attention to the wall thickness. The plastic protective film of the valve cone should not be removed when pouring in, so as not to damage the valve insert when pouring the concrete. In addition, in the pre-assembled state, pay attention to the adjustment of the valve core up and down and left and right, so as not to hide the error.

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