When purchasing an item, the seller states the lifespan of the item, but most of the lifespan is slightly shorter than the time stated by the retailer. What we are going to discuss here is why the faucet is not durable? That is, what factors are the possibility of speeding up the life of the faucet. In many cases, people feel that the quality of the product is poor and unqualified, however, they don't consider using it according to the correct instructions.

To say that the faucet is not durable, it must be said that the quality of the faucet itself is a fundamental factor. There is no doubt that an inferior faucet will not last long. So a quality tap doesn't have to worry about the service life? This is a wrong understanding. The name of the faucet is related to many factors such as our habits. For example, whether it is used correctly, whether it is cleaned and maintained.

The most important reason why the faucet is not durable is primarily the quality of the product. Regarding the quality of the product, it is related to the material and the manufacturing process.

1. Look at the material of the faucet

After years of development, the materials of the fittings are also diverse. Fittings made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and ceramics are common on the market. After the comparison, it is best to find a stainless steel faucet. Of course, ceramic faucets can also be used as an option to enhance the high-quality temperament of the bathroom. If you choose a full copper faucet, turn on the faucet for half a minute before use, and then drain the water to avoid excessive lead absorption. Aluminum faucets are not recommended.

2. Look at the quality of the cartridge

The faucet has to be turned on and off countless times. The first question to ask when buying one is whether it can be used for a long period of time. When the switch is active, the active part of the faucet is in the cartridge. If you want to use it for a long time, it depends on the quality of the cartridge. The quality of the cartridge can be judged by whether it can be tested for drip resistance over a period of time. This is the cartridge life test. The national faucet test standard clearly states that the switch's drip-free test requires no less than 200,000 switching times.

3. Good faucet has bubblers

Look at the faucet, just see if it has a bubbler. The function of the bubbler is to prevent the water from spreading, which causes the water to flow relatively straight. I don't know if you noticed that the water at the faucet is soft on the hand and is a little bubble. faucet bubblers. . If you want to go to the mall to buy, you can feel the scene, the water flow is soft, the foam is rich, indicating that the bubbler is of good quality, the bubbler generally has six layers, and the high-quality bubbler one is high-quality stainless steel mesh that can be seen. Many bubbler brands can also filter particulate contaminants in tap water. The quality of the area is not good and the tap water is gradually decreasing. When the bubbler is on, it will return to normal.

Second, the life of the faucet is directly related to the environment, including the installation location, usage habits, maintenance and upkeep. The lifespan of a faucet in a typical home is longer than that in a public place. It is difficult to clearly explain the habit of using it.

If you are a cherished family institution and you frequently maintain your faucet, it will have a better working environment. Proper maintenance method not only guarantees the service life but also extends the service life. On the one hand, a faucet makes the devices more up-to-date, on the other hand, it guarantees the safety of water quality and does not endanger our health.

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