It's early, really early. The alarm clock rang, and the day is calling. You struggle out of bed and shuffle into the bathroom. What you need now are a vigorous shower and a strong coffee. In this order. What you absolutely don't need right now is that pathetic trickle dripping from your shower head. You just won't wake up like that. Where's the shower that gets your spirits up?

How would you like the thermostatic shower system?

Deeply relaxed in the warm gush of water? You can recognize rain showers by the particularly large plate showers that allow the water to flow gently. The torrent of water caresses your body like fresh summer rain. What used to only pamper hotel guests can now be found more and more often in bathrooms at home. The popular floor-level showers are often larger than the standard shower tray and leave more room for luxurious showering pleasure. So also for rain shower heads in RBROHANT. But don't worry that this will skyrocket your water consumption! Modern rain showers mix air with the water droplets - so it feels lush, but is economical in use.
For example, the thermostatic shower system RB0806. Rain or waterfall - the choice is yours.

Would you like a change? Wouldn't you like a lavish jet of water pattering down on you in the morning to wake you up and get you going? Wouldn't it be great in the evening if a massage jet would relax your tense back muscles? And then you would like to be enveloped by a gentle torrent for the wellness experience? Then a shower system is a right choice for you. Here, a permanently installed overhead shower is combined with a hand shower. While the summer rain is falling from the overhead shower, the harder spray is pattering out of the hand shower with a long hose – just as you like.
For example, RBROHANT's thermostatic shower system RB0814. You can choose between three different jet types at the push of a button.

Would you like to start the day radiant in the morning and end it relaxed in the evening? Would you like to say goodbye to your old hand shower and move up to the wellness class? Then let our professional team advise you.

Waterfall Rainfall Shower System Wall Mounted

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